European Wonder - 11th August 2016 - 24th August 2016


Hey! I’ve just booked onto the European Wonder for 11th August 2016 - 24th August 2016 and was hoping to find other people going on this particular tour? :smile:


Hey Bethany ,

how you doing ? contemplating the European Wonder as well on the same dates …



Hey Karan,
You should totally do it, it looks awesome!
Let me know whether you book on to it :blush:
Beth xx


Hi Guys, I’ve booked this tour on these dates! I’m super excited, my first time exploring Europe :heart_eyes:


Hey! Oh that’s awesome! Add me on facebook and we can chat beforehand :smiley:


Or message me or something! :smiley: would be great to know someone that first day :grin:


Haha yeh totally! Just added you, hoping its the right Bethany Gale :laughing:


Hi girls
Ive booked this tour and I’m so excited!
Cant wait! :smile::smile:


Awesome Michelle!! :smile:


Yay! More people​:smile::heart:


We’ll be there this time next week :smiley: