European Winter Spirit December 12 - January 13


Hi everyone,

I realise that this is extremely early but I was curious to see if anyone has booked to go on Topdeck’s Winter Spirit Tour in December 2012?

The tour I have booked to go on commences on the 22nd. I’m planning on having four or so days post the tour for a rest and reprieve period in London before flying back to Australia. I’m currently in my first year of graduate teaching so I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trip (it will be a motivational tool for myself to keep going through those occasional ‘challenging’ classes with students, haha).

Again, I know this is early (10 months to be precise), but it would be great to hear from anyone who is going on the European Winter Spirit tour in December.

Thanks :slight_smile:


hey hey,

I’m planning on doing this tour in December 2012 too, and will most likely book it for the 22nd! I’m spending about a month in the UK before hand, seeing family and the like, and then hopefully heading to the USA and Canada afterwards…that is if I can scrounge together enough cash haha…and then back to Aus just in time for uni, its going to be so hard coming down off the high. At this stage I’ll be doing Europe solo, so it’d be great to get to know some of ya’ll…

wow, teaching! you’ve got my respect :slight_smile: have you been overseas/to europe before?


Hi TJ,

apologies for not replying earlier. I only check this website periodically.

That sounds great! Do you have family all over Europe, or only in a particular part? At this stage I’m planning on doing this trip with a close friend of mine who I met at Uni. She’s been to France before; but I’ve never set foot in Europe. I have been to the USA (we have family friends in California), and went on an exchange to Japan whilst in secondary school.

Sounds like you have a great itinerary lined up. It’s so hard not to wish time away at this stage; I have to keep reminding myself “it’s not until December, and it’s still only March!”

Haha, thanks. Like anything some days are better than others, but on the whole I’m enjoying my school and students.

Hope Uni is treating you well :slight_smile:


Hi Alley,

I’m booked on the Winter Spirit Tour departing 22nd December 2012. I’m really excited about seeing more of Europe, especially in Winter. I have 4 nights in London before the tour and 3 nights after to see all the London sights I missed last time I was there and maybe even a day trip to Oxford too. I’m travelling by myself and I have organised one night so far at the Clink the night before the tour leaves so I’m on time for the bus. I still have to suss out where I want to stay elsewhere so I can have a few nights in a fancier hotel. Only 9 months to go now! I just started looking at the winter clothes at Mountain Gear, who have a sale until April 15th. I haven’t packed for a winter holiday for quite a while so it’ll be interesting trying not to over pack.

Its good to know someone else who will be on the tour!

Kristy :-[


Hi Kristy,

haha, you’ve done well. I haven’t even started looking at accommodation yet. Though you have a good idea there by staying at Clink; may have to look into it.

As I say I’m a teacher so the tour will take up most of my holiday. However, the friend I’m traveling with plans on staying in Europe for about a month afterward visiting relatives and sightseeing. Turns out she’s seen a bit more of Europe than I thought; I’ve never been to Europe at all.

Do you have any suggestions about attractions to put onto the list to see whilst in London? Probably only staying for a few days so I won’t be able to see everything, but will try to make the best of it.

Same to you. It’s beginning to feel a bit more realistic now that there are other people confirmed for the trip. Bring on Europe, I say! (Especially Christmas in the Swiss Alps and a Venetian New Year) :smiley:


Hey guys,

Now it’s my turn to apologise for my delayed reply, I too only check this forum every so often.

I have cousins just out of London, in Slough, and I know some people up north in York. I would also love to get the train up to Edinburgh for a few days while I’m in England before our tour.

Like you Kristy, I’ll be spending the night before at the Clink hostel. It will be so much easier, especially given the early morning departure. I’ll probably spend another night there after the tour as well, and then fly out to New York the following day.

I’m so excited, and it’s still only April…so sad haha, I’m sure it’ll fly by though…hopefully.

I don’t think I’ve fully comprehended how cold it is actually going to be, maybe it’s best I don’t think about it right now.

Keep us updated :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

just thought I’d report that I booked my flights yesterday. Suddenly feels so real.

I think it’s time to begin collecting some warm clothes to pack. I was watching Bridget Jones’s Diary last night with a friend and there is a scene whereby you can see the temperature displayed as 5°C. Brrrr! Hahaha, but that will only add to the experience don’t you think?

And Kristy, which Clink hotel is that? I was doing a web search and found a few hotels with that name. Probably best to book early.

Hope you’re both well and not getting too caught up in the excitement and suspense of it all (wish I could say that same for myself :P)

Alley :slight_smile:


Just letting you guys know that our trip has been upgraded to ‘Guaranteed Departure’ on the website! :smiley: