European Winter Getaway March 27th


Im going on this trip and have a few questions that i hope someone may be able to answer for me who is either going on this trip or has gone before…

  1. When it states on the website in ‘whats included’… what is actually included? I know that breakfasts, some dinners, accomm, etc. are… but what about prices into attractions and museums? For example; when we go to Pisa or see the burial place of Michaelangelo or go the the Sistine Chapel… is the entrance fee included in the price or is that something we do ourselves? Because i know there are optional activities, but im not quite sure on whats included in the tour price.

  2. Is the weather similar to that of British weather at the moment or will it be slightly warmer? Just gives me some more ideas on what to pack.

Any information will be greatly appreciated and also any thoughts on how your trip was would be great too! :slight_smile: