European wanderer 16-29 july


Calling all European Wanderer travellers :)[br][br]I am a 24 year old female travelling alone from Australia and keen to meet some fellow travellers prior to the commencement of the trip. I have never been to Europe and never travelled alone so this is a HUGE step for me. So anybody who is travelling on this tour please drop me a line and perhaps we can keep in touch and meet up before the tour begins.[br][br]Cheers, Alice :slight_smile:


Hi Alice,[br]Looks like you will be on my tour I think. My tour is called European Wonder 2009 from the 16-29th of July. My mate will be joining me on the tour also but I will see her in England the day before the tour starts. I get to London on the 14th of July.[br]What about you? when do you get to London?[br]I am 22, female who lives in Sydney. I will be heading to Europe for the first time just like you and it will also be my first time travelling alone.[br]Where will you be staying just before the tour?[br]We were thinking of staying at Globetrotter inn but we heard it is closing down…have you heard anything? On our tour receipt, it mentions pickup and dropoff is at the globetrotter in…[br]Anyways, hope to hear from you soon.[br]Bel


Hey Bel,[br]After your email I realised I posted the incorrect tour name so have re-posted :slight_smile: I depart Australia on 12 July 2009 and I think I arrive in London the same day due to time differences. My eldest sister resides in Fulham in London so I will be crashing there for a few nights prior the trip. I am overseas for five weeks in total so it will be a good get away, what about you? My itinerary indicates departure from Generator Hostel. If you check out the Top Deck website there is a pre-departure information page and indicates many stay at the Umi Hotel prior to departure at 6.30am on 16 July 2009. Thanks for your email. Hope to keep in touch and perhaps meet up prior to departure date?[br]Alice :slight_smile:


Hey Alice,[br]Thats great that you have family over there. Will make it alot easier for you.[br]I am planning on staying 6 months but might come back to Australia earlier if I get over it all or might stay longer upto 12month if I like it enough and want to stay. Very long trip, i’m pretty much open until my finances run, might need to start working if I want to stay longer.[br]Straight after my tour, my mate will leave me to go back home and I will hopefully meet up with another mate from Melbourne who is doing a world tour. He should be meeting me in London on the 30th if all goes well. Then we head off on our 6-8 week backpacking tour…your more than welcome to travel with us if you like. :-)[br]What are your travelling plans after the tour? or will you be staying with your sis?[br]Checked out the pre-departure information page, thanks…now I can be sure to book the right hostel to stay at. Will be booking at the Generator Hostel which is where all the Euro club tours depart from.[br][br]Meeting up prior to the departure date would be good. I will be alone on the 14th of July until my mate arrives on the 15th…so i’m keen on the 14th if you like?..keep in touch. You on facebook? If so, whats your your last name and i’ll add you. My name is Belen, but Bel is fine :-)[br]So do you live in Sydney? maybe meeting up before you leave to London might be easier…i’m easy.[br]Anyways, hope to hear from you soon.[br]Bel