European Venturer June 11th


Still curious to chat with anyone booked for this tour. I am very anxious and exicted to leave already.[br][br]Thanks,[br]Tina


I hope I am not the only one on this tour :frowning: [br][br]I am still looking for any advise or information people can give about the tour itself or packing and spending money. [br][br]While I am thrifty here in the US I feel I should be knowledgable about prices in Europe.[br][br]Thanks,[br]Tina


Well I am 1 month away and still nobody has replied. I hope I can chat with someone who is on my trip before I leave.[br][br]Tina


Still wondering if anyone is comming with me.[br][br]Tina


I guess I will find out who my tour-mates are once I get there. I am so excited. Good luck to all the rest of you on your trips[br][br]Tina