European Unpugged 9th Sep 2007


hey i’m going on this trip and im staying at the globetrotter the night before and night after the trip anyone fancy meeting up let me know, i’m a 19 male off on his first solo trip. :slight_smile:


Helloz[br][br]I will also be on this tour with my partner aaron.[br][br]We are staying the night before aswell as you have to get up early and would hate to think bout transport that early in the morning !![br][br]i am not too sure where we will be staying after the tour.[br][br]It is my first trip to london and europe and i just cant wait! Aaron the lucky bugger has been to london before and done a little bit of europe.[br][br]aaron will just turn 24 and il be 23 being 24 in a few months.[br][br]I just had a mate who did the megaeuropean and she said she just had the best of times! so im rather looking forward to seeing different things - altho not the camping part - hehe[br][br]I think we all meet up with our group the night before so catch ya then![br][br]cheers!:-[[br][br]