European Unplugged 9th Sep


8-)Anyone whos going on this trip get in touch with me i’m looking for some travel buddies ;D i’m from the uk and i’m off on my first solo mission lol! so i’m just looking to get to know i few people just before i go i’m staying at the globetrotter the night before we leave and the night we get back![br][br][br][br]:stuck_out_tongue:


Hiya,[br][br]Well I’m not going on the trip this year - but I did it last September and it was totally AWESOME, and I also went by myself! ;D You’ll have the best time ever! And even if you don’t meet any people on the forum just yet - you will when you arrive – and by the time you reach the Oktoberfest you’ll have loads of drinking buddies!!!


hey! i cant wait myself! after tlking to the ppl i booked it with, and what i’ve heard ppl saying about the trip it should b great![br][br]:slight_smile: