European Unplugged 26th July-16th August


I’m going on the 22 day European Unplugged trip from 26th-16th
I’m a young female, travelling by myself, just wondering if anyone else is going and wants to meet before hand :slight_smile:
Let me know


Have just booked on the same trip I’m a girl going on my own too so at least there’s two of us!
Getting really excited now! I’m well up for chatting / meeting before hand I could do with a friendly face! It’s nerve racking on your own!

Nicki x


Hey! :slight_smile:
Just booked this today! I’m a young girl going by myself too! So I guess that’s 3! I was really worried that everyone would be travelling with someone else so phew! Where are you guys from? xx


I’m from reading in the south east are you stating in ldn the night before?

Nicki x


Cool, I’m from Exeter. Yes I am :slight_smile: guessing you are too ? x


Yeah I am, it’s going to come round really quick now I think. Have you travelled round Europe before? X


Yeah it’s my first time properly travelling alone too so am a tad nervous to be honest… but very excited too :slight_smile: , How about you? x


I have worked in France on a campsite that’s the closest thing to this I have done! I’m really nervous too ! Really can’t wait though. Hopefully everyone is friendly.


omg this is so exciting!
I’m from Australia, working/ living in the Lancashire.
How old are you guys? I’m 18


Ah brilliant! I’m 18 too :slight_smile: Thought i’d be the baby of the group! haha are you staying in the hostel the night before? x


So I feel mega old in 25 ! I can be the granny of the group! U guys are so brave doing this at 18 ! I’ve only just plucked up the courage lol


HAHA yaya!
awww no grandma! you can be the mum! :stuck_out_tongue:
just joking, It dosnt matter what age you are, It will always be brave to step out of your comfort zone! as long as you are having fun its all good!
I am sooo looking forward to this now!!
I think im staying in the hostel before the trip! :slight_smile: i can meet you guys there! :slight_smile:


Exactly, it sounds like there’s a huge variety of ages/people which will make it a better experience i guess too :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you both! Xx


Thanks girls that’s made me feel better:) im looking forward to meeting you guys too . I sooo can’t wait for the trip now two weeks tomorrow till London!
Ps holiday mum is a good job better than grandma !

Nicki x