European Uncovered Departing 5th September 2013


Hey all,

Just wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s going to be on this tour? :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I are from Perth, Australia and we’re really looking forward to meeting new people!



I am looking at booking this tour as well



Hi I’m considering this but it says accommodation is same sex and I’m also going with my boyfriend. I don’t want to travel Europe with him and have to sleep seperately :frowning:


All Eurohotel tours are twin share so if you book a eurohotel tour you guys will share together, thats why me and my wife booked.


Im so excited even though it’s so far away!

Great to hear from you guys! It’s my first time to Europe so I have pretty high expectations haha

Has anyone done a Topdeck tour before? If so, what’s the accommodation like?


Hi All,

Booking this tour on Wednesday, should be good but travelling alone. I am from Perth, Australia and will be on this tour after a month in the US. After the tour I will be in Ireland for about 2 weeks before heading back home. Nice to hear from others.



We have also booked this tour.
We are from NZ
Looking at catching the chunnel to paris to avoid first day bus trip.
Is anybody else thinking along the same lines…?



Nope I am starting in London. Sounds like everyone doing this tour is a couple.