European Uncovered - 30th June 2010


Hi everyone,

Just wanting to find out if anyone will be on the European Uncovered tour from 30th June till 21st July.

I (24) will be travelling with my bf (27) and would love to chat to others that will be joining us.




Hi Marcia,

I am doing this tour (23) I’m going on my own, so really nervous but also really excited :slight_smile:
Not long now…93 days , not that I’m counting he he :slight_smile:

Rachel :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel,

That is great to hear that you will be on the tour with us.

Im glad I am not the only one counting down the days.

last thing to organise is pre-accomodation…any thoughts?

Chat soon.


Hi Guys,

Very excited to see this post! Myself (25) and my boyf (27) are booked. I am a travel agent and tried to book this tour today for a customer and its booked out! so looks like we will have a full bus…
pre accom wise Marcia - I have booked the Umi for the 2 nights prior to the tour as I cant be bothered moving hotels and dont want to be hauling luggage etc around London at 6am in the morning…
Rach looks like we have a few things in common as i am also from Perth :slight_smile:
hopefully chat soon…


Hi Marcia & Rachel :slight_smile:

That’s awesome that the tour is fully booked :slight_smile:
It’s getting so close now, these next few months are going to fly by.
We certainly do have a few things in common Rach :slight_smile: - I have also booked a room at the Umi hotel, the night prior to the tour. I thought the same, it will be so much easier than trying to find my way around London …especially at that time in the morning :slight_smile: Plus, I thought it would be a great place to meet others that are on the same tour. So excited

Speak soon guys :slight_smile:


Hi guys

I’m booked in for this tour and can’t wait :slight_smile: Travelling with my husband (30). We’re staying at Umi Hotel for a few days before we leave on tour

Ali (27)


Hi Everyone,

Not long to go now…I am getting very excited!!

Pre accommodation has been book at the UMI hotel also 2 days prior to leaving for the tour. We also thought carting suitcases would be a hassel at 6am from one hostel to another.

Its great that our tour is fully booked, I cant wait to meet all the other travellers.

Chat soon


Hey Guys :slight_smile:

Got my itinerary today ;D
Can’t wait to meet everyone at the Umi hotel, the night before the tour leaves.

Only 16 days to go Woo hoo ;D

Speak soon
Rach :slight_smile: