European summer- what weather do I expect?


Hi guys,

I’m doing the European Getaway tour from July 2nd until July 25th. I’ve never been to Europe before and have no idea how to pack! Some people have told me if will be really warm ( eg 35 degrees celcius) others are saying it will be low 20’s. I’m so confused! Can anyone help??



Europes a big place, like australia it has diffrent temps for diffrent regions. Brisbane is diffrent to Melborune and both are diffrent to adelaide dispite being the same time of year. Because your going to France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands & Belgium you are going to have to pack for a range of tempretures and weather conditions. Summer in Uk can mean warm and rain, France north and south are quite warm as is switzarland unless your going up the Jungafuer which snowy so youll need warm cloths. The further south the warmer it gets, Italy is very warm ie 35c but it begins to get cool as you move back north through to the eastern block. As an aussie we think low 20s is a very cool summer but in Europe the buildings are a lot diffrent then here. There is no airconditioning, no ventalation so its very hot and stuffy. Because the citys are so crowed it becomes very humid and sweaty a bit the top end. Best you can do is pack a few items for rain, cool weather, warm weather. Clothes which can be layered when cold or stripped off it hot. If you look on lonely planet you can get an average temp for each of the countries your going to get a more specific idea. Hope this helps as little :slight_smile:


Thankyou so much! That was very helpful :slight_smile: