European pioneer vs summer fun and sailing!


Hi everyone. I’m looking at doing one of these trips in may/June and wanting to get your options of both! Am also a solo traveller for any of those out there too


I’m doing the summer fun & sailing departing May 6th and I’m also a solo traveller.


The major difference between the Pioneer and Summer Fun & Sailing is, well… the sailing. On the Pioneer you don’t go sailing. However, you DO spend 3 days on Mykonos. Also, the Pioneer is also 9 days longer, and includes Spain and more time in Eastern Europe.

If you REALLY want to go sailing, then go for the summer fun & sailing. If you want more time in Europe (and on the beach!), then I suggest the Pioneer. You can’t go wrong, they are both awesome trips!


Thanks. Ending up going with the European pioneer trip :slight_smile: