European Pioneer vs Mega European - help!


Hi All,
Im looking to book either the European Pioneer or the Mega European for around April 2011 and need help deciding?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Any info or help would be great!
Cant wait!


I’m actually debating the same thing at the moment. They both look really amazing. I’m leaning towards Pioneer just because I’d have more money to spend on the optional’ /spending money.
I know Skydiving is pretty expensive.


Hey Kat & Frank,

I’ll be heading over for 3 back to back trips next year. I’m on the Mega European leaving 19th April for 7 weeks, then I have 8 days of nothing so far in the UK, then off to do the Iberian Voyager leaving 14th June for 3 weeks and then off to Egypt to do Pyramids and Beaches leaving 5th July for 3 weeks!

I’ll be going solo on the first 2 trips but my friend Liz is meeting me in Egypt so I vote you both come on the Mega European leaving 19th April!


Wow thats sounds amazing! :slight_smile:


I hope so!!!


[quote=21360]I did the European Pioneer can’t recomend it highly enough, every one on the tour got along with each other really well. We partied alot but also made sure we didn’t miss a thing.

If your worried about the hostels don’t be there all really good and clean plus you spend most of your time in the common areas of the hostels with the group.

The only issue was that 36 days felt like 6 days [/quote]