European pioneer tou 24th June 2010


Hi everyone.[br]i am doing the european pioneer tour on the 24 June 2010.[br]hoping to chat to or meet some people prior wo are doign the same tour as i am travelling solo.[br]you can add me on facebook or msn on msn or facebook nadia staccatori.[br][br]i did see a thread which had other people doing this tour. post back if you will be on this tour also.


Hey Nadia,

I am travelling on this tour with my husband. He and I are 26 and from Melbourne, Australia.

Where are you from? Goes, its not long now till we begin our big journey. Will you be spending some time around london beforehand? We are spending a week first in Scotland and then heading down to London for 5 days after which we depart on this tour! Cant wait!


Hi Nadia and Olivia,

I just booked for the tour a few days ago. It looks like a few people from the tour are posting on other forums. I’m 24 from California. Check me out on facebook by email or my name


Hey John,
Thanks for the heads up. Pleased to see another male on our tour hehe. I was hoping there would be some blokes my husband could have his usual blokey chats with!

The trip seems so close now. I think that our tour is fully booked out which is a good thing:)
Can’t wait to see the glorious europe! Will you be doing any other tours while you are overseas? We are doing a 6 day Scotland tour through Haggi’s then onto London for 5 days, then this tour followed by a sail through the Croatian Islands for 8 days! Ooooh I can’t wait. So exciting.

See you in a few months!


Hey Olivia,

Do you and your husband have a facebook? it would be good to get to know people on the tour before it starts. I not doing any of the other Top Deck tours but I’m saying in London a few days after the tour then flying back home to southern California. I’m planning a trip to Hawaii with my younger bro right after the Pioneer trip. Should be fun right after the Europe trip.

-John G


Hey Olivia and John,

Great to see some more people on our tour. I’m 21 and am from Sydney. What day are you going to Croatia Olivia? I’m going on the topdeck sailing after our big Europe tour. Will you guys be staying at Clink before the tour starts? Can’t wait to met you guys!! :slight_smile:



Hey John,
I’ve been lazy and had a facebook page but then stopped using it like ages ago. I will re-make one and let you know once I’ve done it soon! My hubby is also in the process of making one! God were lazy!hahha Hawaii sounds absolutely fabulous after such a whirlwind trip around europe. Its the perfect destination to jus do nothing but relax!

Belle, wowwww your from Sydney, Oz. Gotta love Sydney. I look forward to meeting you on this great trip. I think our tour is fully booked out now which is a good thing to know:)

We were going to do the TopDeck croatia sail but ended up doing a busabout croatia sail which departs on exactly the same day as the TopDeck one but from Dubrovnik and goes one way to Split. Such a shame. Would have been great to know someone already on the cruise:) The lucky thing is that I speak Croatian/Serbian as a second language so I could have helped ya out! hahaha

My hubby and I are also staying at the Clink for 4 nights before the tour starts and then one night afterward so perhaps i’ll meet you there!

Ooooooooooooh can’t wait, seriously!
Hey John and Belle, what are you guys budgeting per day for this trip? I’m always wondering if we are going to have enough everyday to spend:)


Hey Olivia,

I’ll be staying at the Clink on the 23rd of June and then a few days after the tour. I’m not sure what my budget is for the tour yet because I just started saving for the tour. I’m planning on bringing between $2,500-3,000 USD and my credit card (which I hope I won’t have to use). I went to europe two summers ago for 28 days/13 countries and I spent about $1,900 USD and did all the optionals. Just remember to pay for the optionals, it has to be cash but most things in Europe can be paid by card if you need to. I’m not a big souvenir person so I saved a lot of money, but I took tons of pictures and went to all the museums. The exchange rate was pretty bad for me in 2008 but it should be a litter better this year.


Hey john,

Oh now I feel better haha. I think we should be fine with money. We are doing most of the optional activities minus 1 or two like the skydiving. Couldn’t bring myself to do that. We have allowed ourselves $8,000 each AUD spending money for the trip so that should be plenty. I was more worried about how much food would be where meals weren’t included, like roughly how much you would spend on a lunch or a dinner somewhere in europe in euro. Would you know?

I too am not big on souvenirs at all so am planning on not getting many at all. Maybie just one or two. Am more into taking heaps of photos as well as filming with our hand held camera! Museums are something I’m really really looking forward to in europe. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer:)

Man, I wish the trip was already here. Its getting increasingly hard to concentrate on work with the trip so close now. Once march is over it will come around in no time!

Looks like we will be seeing you at the Clink both before and after the trip. I have a few english mates that i met in Australia who live in England so they will also be taking us out for drinks. Can’t wait for London town!


Hi Olivia and John,

I look forward to meeting you both at Clink. I will be there from 22nd June and I will be in London for 8 days after the tour.

Olivia what a shame you aren’t on the Topdeck sailing. That would have been so good. But I’m sure you will have a great time with Busabout.

I’m planing on taking about $15000 AUD but only cause I’m going away for 3 months. Just hope I don’t run out.

Can’t wait to till the tour starts. Wea re all going to have so much fun :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
didnt know this forum thing was here til today :stuck_out_tongue: anyway me and my sis are going on this trip then were doing a croatian sailing trip after
can’t wait to met u all and start this trip :slight_smile:


Hey Belle and Kesh,

Belle, yeah it seems everyone is staying at the clink before and after the trip so I think that will be a really good thing as we can meet and also help each other around:)

It certainly is a shame i’m not on the TopDeck Croatia cruise as I’m starting to hear of so many people that are doing it straight after this trip so it will be sad to depart from those we have got to know over the 5 weeks in order to get on the busabout cruise but what can you do ey :frowning:

Belle, like you I am going on a 10 week trip so almost 3 months and I’m allowing $8,000 spending money for each of us for this trip as well as the Croatia Cruise and then I have a little extra for other things like Scotland. We are doing a week in Scotland with a Scotish company caled haggis. They take you all thought scotland to the bet places and I’ve heard their excellent so I’m looking forward to that. That is the first aspect of our trip and then were flying to London to spend 5 days there before this tour begins!

Kesh, it is soooo great to hear you and your sis are on our tour as well:) Look forward to meeting you both and like you say, it is going to be so much fun when we set off and so many memories will be made. Cant wait to see all those beautiful places! It seems like its so close now but then again it feels like these last 9 or so weeks till I leave AUS are just dragging.

Kesh, what croatia cruise are you doing? Are you going with TopDeck?

Where is everyone looking forward to going the most?


Hi all

My name is Teagen and I am doing the Timeless Trail (departing 24th June) that is a part of your European Pioneer tour( I think). I am travelling solo and are finally glad I have found people that I think are going on my tour. I am staying at the Clinks for a a few days before hand and are currently looking at things to do but I am tossing up about booking them once I get there for a few reason. Look forward to getting you know you before I all start.


Hey, were doing topdeck croatia sailing 7th-14th so we have a week break in the middle to get some washing done etc… i looked at the busabout croatia sailing but it seemed about the same price and just thought we’d just stick with topdeck :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway i’m sure it’ll be fun on the busabout cruise, u’ll met other ppl and by the end of our big trip u’ll be sick of us anyway :wink:


Hi Teagen,

Wowwww so great to hear of another person on our Tour (well for the first half anyway haha). It seems everyone is staying at the Clink the days leading up to the tour and afterward. It will be great to get to meet everyone before we actually depart. I have gone for the 3 day package and added 2 days to that for the Clink so we will be doing that bus top tour thing of London town. I’m looking forward to that actually. Am hoping to have a good old drink and shop there too.

Such a shame Kesh that everyone is doing the TopDeck Croatia cruise and i’m on this other one. Ooh well. We chose it cos we wanted to end up in Split so we could then take off on our own to visit some relo’s in serbia. Hahha your funny about us being sick of everyone by the end of the tour. Could be true but then again we could all be reallllllllly close friends by the end! haha

Man, I absolutely can’t wait. The countdown officially begins on 1 April 2010 I think for me!


Hi Olivia, Teagan and Kesh,

So glad to see more people on this tour. I think we are all going to have a great time. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Kesh we are going to be on the same Croatia tour:). I’m on that one with a friend of mine who lives in London. And your from Wollongong? I’m from Cronulla. What a small world. Maybe we could meet up before the tour starts. What day do you leave Sydney?

Olivia I’m think I’m taking about $15000 for 3 months. I’m just worried about running out while I’m away so I think $15k will be plenty. I’m really looking forward to going to Italy and Greece even though everywhere we are going looks amazing. Lucky you! Scotland would be so nice. Would love to go there and Ireland but I can’t afford to add anything else on to my trip cause its costing me a fortune as it is. What about you? Where are you looking forward to going the most? Hahaha I’ve already been counting down. I leave in 13 weeks on Monday :D. So Excited

Teagan where abouts are you from? I hope your tour is part of ours. It would be so good to have you on this tour too :slight_smile:


Hey belle,
We leave sydney on the 23rd so we get there the night before and stay at the Clink of course. After we’re heading to croatia straight away to spend our week down there before the sailing. And how are u saving $15K, that will be more then plenty…well if it isn’t then i’m gonna have to take real advantage of the meals provided on the tour cause i definately wont have that much :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Belle,

Wowwwww $15,000 sounds fabulous. Gosh, I think I won’t have more than $10,000 to spend over 10 weeks. I really hope that will be enough. I know what you mean about everything costing a fortune. By the time I pay for all your tours etc that alone will end up costing $10,000 then I gotta add another $10,000 spending money! LOL Man, I think I’m with ya on looking forward to Italy and Greece. In my mind they are my favorites as well but like you say, every place looks quite amazing! People who have traveled always tell me Prague is excellent so we will see:) I think the French Riviera could be amazing too.

Am certainly looking forward to a nice week in Scotland. My plan there is to just take it easy, enjoy the surreal scenery and drink some good whiskey (my favorite drink ever) and then the big stuff will start with this tour!!!


Hi Belle,
I am just replying to your questions about where I am from- Brisbane!

A question to you all- I am staying in London for 4 days (at the Clink) and was wondering if it would be better to pre book tours and trips before I leave or what and see what is available? I have spoken to my travel agent and she said it is just a personal choice. I guess it would be good to know for budget purposes but if there is also factors like what if a group want to meet up and do it all together and if the weather is bad on one day you can change what you do? Do you get what I mean and what are you all doing?
Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Hi girls,

Kesh I think I will be taking advantage of the meals provided instead of wasting money on food. I really don’t know how i will be able to save that much. I’ll be working as much as I can and I will have to stop spending lol. Croatia is going to be so nice. It’s really good that I we will know each other there as well. Where are you staying in Croatia? I’ll be flying in the day before the tour and I’m spending some time in London with my cousin and a close friend of mine. I leave Sydney on June 21 and get to London on June 22.

Olivia I’ve also heard Prague is really nice. I can’t wait to see all these places. I’ve heard so many stories and seen heaps of pictures and Europe looks amazing. Really looking forward to going and it looks like we will have a great tour group to experience it with :slight_smile: but yeah Greece and Italy are two places I’ve always wanted to go to. And I think we will all come back really tanned just in time for summer :P. Hahaha nice nice. There will be so many big nights on this tour too!! Apparently the Scottish are very hard to understand lol.

Teagen I’m I won’t be booking any small trips until I’m over there. Its like you said the weather is unpredictable and I think at Clink they include a city tour but my cousin is going to spend a day with me and take me around London which will be really good. I would say it’s probably best to book little tours over there just to make sure its what you want to do. Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile: