European pioneer/ timeless trail departing june 16


Hi I’m going on the 7 day tour London - Barcelona leaving on the 16th June with the European Pioneer gang and every tour that coincides with that.
I was originally meant to go on the Timeless Trail but was advised a week later after I put the deposit that it was all booked out! I was shattered and there was only one spot left for the 7 day one…which im on!

I’m doing a call out to anyone who is on these tours that coincide with Pioneer, leaving 16th and has to cancel for what ever reason to contact me FIRST!!! No point losing all ur money. I know there is 1 in a billion chance that I will get to take someone elses spot but thought it was worth a try!

Either way Im excited for the 7 day tour :S haha!


Hi Mel,

We have a facebook group for the tour. You could post on there too.

If you search for European Pioneer 2011 you should find it.



Thanks Greg,

I appreciate that. I did leave a note on the main Top Deck page but will do that too.

I am SO wishful!