European Pioneer Starting July 5 or 8... anyone?


Hi everyone!

I am very excited to tour around Europe for 36days with Topdeck, the only downside is that I am travelling alone… hope you guys can join me :slight_smile:


I’m going alone too, on the 5th July trip! Ahhh a bit more than 2 months to go :smiley: Have you decided on which departure date to choose?


Hey there - I am also booked into the 5th July - look forward to meeting with eveyone ;D


Hi Kerry :slight_smile:

Looks like we’ll be on the same trip! Definitely can’t wait, about 2 months to go now! I’m now thinking about all the optionals and whether I should go skydiving in Switzerland haha :slight_smile:


Hey Cornelia

I know 2 months…finding it hard to concerntrate at work - I’m day dreaming away!

Wow skydiving, you are brave. I think I might be too chicken for that…but, I you only live once so maybe I’ll find some courage to do it


I totally know what you mean, it’s so hard to concentrate on all the uni assignments, just wanna leave now haha. Also, not sure about Perth but Auckland is having a ridiculously cold “autumn” right now - temperature dropped to 7 degrees this morning already! So escaping the winter blues sounds too good to be true right now ;D

I tried skydiving in Auckland a few months ago - not as scary as you think! I think the hardest part was jumping off the plane, but my instructor basically counted “one, two, three” and pushed me out, so no hesitation there :slight_smile: I heard that skydiving in the Alps gets you amaaazing views :slight_smile:


Yuk, 7 degrees…bring on the sun, beaches and cocktails of Europe! Perth is wet and rainy today, which is a bit of a rareity, we’re usuallly blessed with sun, sun and more sun!

Do you know if it’s tandem skydiving? I think I’d be more inclined to do it if I was strapped to someone who knew what they were doing!


Yep I think it’s always tandem unless you have a professional licence :slight_smile: The one I did was tandem so you have the instructor strapped to your back, and he also holds a camera so you just gotta smile while you’re free falling and he takes the cool photos haha

Exactly two months to go!! Whoot! :smiley:


I’m also booked on this trip and traveling solo. Getting so so excited!!!looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey Katy I’m a solo Perth traveler too! Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hey Kerry yay for another perthian!



me n the mrs will be on 5th july also from perth ,look forward to meeting everyone… cant effn wait… Game on :slight_smile: