European Pioneer Starting 2nd August!


Hi Guys !!

Who else out there is going on the European Pioneer tour starting 2nd August ??

I can’t wait to get away ! :slight_smile:


Hi Sammy,

I’m on this one too as well as another one of my friends from Perth. Super excited, time seems to be getting faster as time draws closer :wink:



I know it keeps creeping up faster & faster…
That’s alright, I’m going solo, so I’m a little nervous on getting over there!
What date are you getting to London? :slight_smile:


Arriving on the 31st, to give us a little while to get over the jet lag, we have tickets to some of the Olympics finals as well on the 1st, what about you?


have fun guys!!! im doing this tour also but, beginning of September… have a fantastic time :slight_smile:


I’m arriving on the 29th July. Go around and see some of London before the tour starts ! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great plan, we’re staying in london afterwards for a few days, will be able to ask you about all your hot tips for london when i see you on tour :slight_smile: