European Pioneer starting 16 September 2010


Hey :slight_smile:
I am looking at booking this tour aswell but i am also travelling solo and very nervous and would love to meet some new people :slight_smile: i am arriving in London on the 5th of September and would love to have a look around London but dont know where to start :slight_smile: i would love to get to know you :slight_smile:
Brooke :slight_smile:


Hey Brooke
Book the tour, you will have a great time!! Im from Perth and travelling solo as well. There are a couple of others from the previous posts that ive made contact with on facebook etc.

Find me


Hey Brooke!

I’m arriving in London on Sept 10 with a friend but doing the tour on my own too. I am planning on doing a hop on hop of tour of london when i get there, apparently its a good way to see the sights and get your bearings. Its stops at the major tourist places and you pay for a ticket that lasts 24 hrs and you can get off and on as many times as you like.

Feel free to add me to facebook, the link is in one of the earlier posts :slight_smile:



Hey! I’m booked on this tour too! I will be in London earlier for another Topdeck trip, and then back in London between Sept 11th - 15th before begining the European Pioneer on the 16th :slight_smile: I’m also travelling solo, and am very excited to meet all of you :slight_smile:


hey Amy!! let me know what day you decided to do the tour around London cos im in london at the same time so i would love to join you!! :slight_smile:


Hi pink chocolate,
i had trouble adding you on facebook!!:frowning:


Hey Brooke!

I think I’ll probably do it on the 10th when i get there cause i get in at like 5am and probs shouldn’t sleep when I get there, not good for the jetlag lol. Not too sure how I’ll feel after all the flying though. Will let you know :slight_smile: Are u going to get a sim when you get there?



let us know how that tour is, it sounds like fun! :slight_smile: brad and i will be in london on the 10th but we dont arrive until the night of the 9th i think so we might do a similar tour on the 11th, if you guys are doing it then we should all go together otherwise let me know what its like :slight_smile:


that sounds good, I can do it on the 11th, don’t have anything else planned yet :slight_smile: Im travelling with a friend who will is busy on the 10th so she will be able to come too!

Is anyone planning on doing the skydive in the swiss alps??


hello hello

i am doin the olympic link tour which i think joins onto the european pioneer tour in athens on 1st oct so will be a newbie from athens onwards so hopefully you guys be nice to the newbies lol, really lookin forward to it, am travelling by myself.



hey amy,

11th sounds good :slight_smile: id love to do the skydive, nobody could do it last time cos there was a huge blizzard!! is massively expensive though and i just totalled my car two nights ago and being a poor uni student i don’t have comprehensive insurance so a huge chunk of what was my europe fund is now my car fund… so we’ll see how the money goes :stuck_out_tongue:

and simon, hi! don’t worry, we’ll be nice to you. everyones posted their FB pages on here i think so look us all up :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone! Welcome newbies lol of course we will be nice to you but only after… jk!!!
Id love to join you guys on the tour around london but I dont finish my 1st tour till the 11th :frowning:
Where is everyone staying? Im at the Umi until the night before this tour starts then I will be at the clink where we leave from.


Hi guys,

As of today, I’m also on this trip! I think I’ll be arriving in London on the 13th and I’m also travelling alone. Not sure where I’m staying at this point. Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Nice to meet you Carolyn and Simon :slight_smile:

Jenny, that’s a bummer you don’t get back in time for the tour thing :frowning: I’m staying at a hostel called the Astor Museum - right near the british museum. Decided to not bother moving to the Clink for one night so i’ll just meet everyone there the morning we head off.

Teeghan, you totalled your car!! Are you ok? I really want to do the skydive and don’t want to chicken out lol. Hopefully the weather is ok for it this time.


Hey guys,
I would love to do the tour with you guys around london on the 11th :slight_smile: just let me know and we can organise something!hi Caryoln where are you from in Australia? can’t wait to meet you :slight_smile: i am also travelling solo and a little bit scared. and i decided not to the skydive cos i just did one in australia so cant really afford another one lol. Hope your okay Teeghan :slight_smile:


Hey guys.

I fly into London on the afternoon of the 11th. Planning on doing the Hop on Hop off tour on the 12th. If you guys are able to postpone 'til then I would really appreciate it but if it doesn’t fit into your schedule that’ll be Ok.

Cheers Hoa


haha im fine i bumped my head and my arms were a little bashed up but nothing a couple of weeks wont heal! :slight_smile: its a pain not having a car though :frowning:

umm the 12th is fine for us, we have nothing planned at all except were going to see muse on the 11th i think so all days leading up to the tour are free! :slight_smile: just let me know what everyone wants to do and well organise it all leading up to it, i dont know about our accom yet i might just try and hook up a couch somewhere but if not itll probably be a hostel in camden before heading over to the clink the night before we leave.


That really sucks Teeghan, I rely on my car sooo much. Glad to hear you weren’t physically hurt.

Brooke, I’m from Brisbane; whereabouts are you from? I think I’m getting to London a bit after all you guys, although my travel agent still needs to confirm flights and accom with me; I’m a bit disorganised :S Otherwise I would love to catch up before the tour.

I’ve found a couple of you guys on Facebook. Full name is Carolyn D’Silva. I’m at work, otherwise I’d post the link. Might look at getting a group going :slight_smile:


i am from Newcastle :slight_smile: haha dont worry im disorganised as well. Im also really nervous about gpong by myself and finding my way around London and stuff :(. I will try and add you on Facebook.

And guys i really am interested in doing the london tour with you guys im free any day except the 12th however that may change cos im trying to get tickets to a soccer match. so if its possible can we try and do it on teh 13th or 14th lol. if not thats fine :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I’m happy to do the london tour whenever, I don’t have any set plans before the big tour do Im down for whenever! Hopefully we find a day were all free. :slight_smile: