European Pioneer starting 16 September 2010



Is anyone else going on this tour?
I know its ages away but Im getting nervous about travelling solo and not knowing anyone :frowning:


Britain & Ireland 28 Aug 2010
European Pioneer 16 Sept 2010



I’m Amy!

I’m planning on this one too! Going to book in the next week. Im travelling solo too :slight_smile:

Have you done any topdeck tours before?


Hey Amy!!!

No, I havent been on any topdeck tours before. Have you?
For overseas travel Ive only been to Bali with friends and im not quite sure that counts as much as this trip.

Very exciting but getting nervous too.



I havent done any topdeck tours, my younger sister has and had an awesome time!

I booked my place today and there were only 9 places left! Bali is awesome I’ve done a bit of travel but this is going to be my biggest adventure by far :)!

Cant wait!

I don’t think i’ll get too nervous until a lot closer. Mainly nervous about rocking up in london alone and having no idea where to go lol.

Are you in london long before the tour starts?


Hey Amy

I arrive in London on the 26th of August, Im doing another tour (britain & ireland) before this one. I will be back in London for about 5 days before this trip starts :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m on this tour too! Am bringing my friends Brad and Danni with me as well :slight_smile: I did a TopDeck tour last year and it was FANTASTIC, best 21 days of the trip!! Can’t wait to get back on the road and meet all you guys :slight_smile:

See you in September!!



Oh and one more thing I’m in London for a week or so before the tour begins and have been there before, so if you want to meet up for some exploring let me know!


Hey Teeghan

It would be great to catch up before the trip :slight_smile: Where are you staying? Im think im staying at the Umi up until one night before then i switch to the Clink.

Are you on facebook?


i have no idea where we’re staying yet, to be honest i’ll probably book a week before we go! don’t think i’ll stay in the Clink until the night before though. Facebook is


I’m getting into london about a week before the tour leaves too. I have no idea where to stay or whats good to do so any tips would be awesome :slight_smile:


Hey Amy! I don’t have any idea either! Ive only got accomodation sorted because my travel agent did it lol! Im sure there are plenty of things to go and see :slight_smile:


i don’t know whether this still exists but last time i was there this party called The Church ran on a Sunday and it is one of the most hilarious, fantastic parties i’ve ever been to… it started at a random warehouse at midday, went for three and a half hours before everyone (most of whom were dressed up in homemade costumes) headed to the shepherd’s bush walkabout (walkabouts are pubs that are “aussie” themed- footy on tv, etc) and continued drinking whilst a band played aussie classics very late into the night. i think we left about 9 pm and somehow ended up wandering some random street in notting hill before finally making it back to hammersmith hours later… honestly the best night i have ever had in memory :slight_smile:

aside from the completely random activities that occur when bunches of backpackers get together, there’s all the traditional tourist stuff, some amazing pubs, and the BEST indian food i’ve ever had!


Sounds like great fun! Im looking forward to our trip!

Is any else going on this trip?


Just a bounce up.

Is anyone else going on this tour?


Hi Jenny, Amy and Teeghan.
My name is Hoa, I’m from Melbourne and I’ve just booked to go on the same tour as you guys. I’ll be arriving in London in the evening on Tuesday 14th September and will be staying at the Clink until the tour starts. I’m travelling on my own, first major trip (a little daunting), and would love to meet a few faces before the tour starts.

Cheers Hoa


Hi Hoa!

I get in on the 10th and will be spending the week before in London and am doing the tour on my own as well. Would be great to meet someone before the trip. Feel free to add me to facebook.



Thanks Amy, that sounds excellent. In hind sight I think I should have organised to have a few more days in London prior to the tour starting to allow myself to acclimatise to the change in timezone and weather. Oh well.
It was great to hear from you and I can’t wait for this trip to start.

Cheers Hoa
Ps. I was just wondering, do any of you know if the bus has a charging dock for electronic equipment. I’ve heard the ones on Contiki do and it’s really handy because many people take their cameras out with them at night and forget to plug them back in to charge for the next day.


hey hoa,

the topdeck bus i was on last year had an ipod dock thingy, but only to play through the stereo rather than an actual charger, so as far as i know there’s no charging capabilities on the buses, however all the stops have multiple powerpoints so generally theres enough to go round!



Thanks Teeghan

I think I’ll bring a power board and a coulple adapters. Do you have any tips regarding packing and security? I’m thinking with a sleeping bag, towel and small pillow, that’s half my back pack and then sneakers, hiking shoes, thongs and casual shoes, that’s the other half and hmmm…will need to rethink that.

Really nice to hear from you.

By the way my fb acc is!/profile.php?id=100001000882859.

See you in Sept.

Cheers Hoa


No dot after the 9!/profile.php?id=100001000882859