European Pioneer Start 30th April Tour


Hay![br]Just wondering if anyone is doing this tour?[br]If so get in contact.[br]My name is natalia and Im on facebook.[br][br]Cheers[br]Nat:)[br][br]hippywonder…Nat


Hey Nat![br][br]I am going on this tour and going at it alone, so good to hear someone else is going! (as far as I knew it was me, a bus and a bunch of countries!)[br][br]I added you to facebook, look forward to chatting[br][br]Cheers[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 28th '09


G’day mates![br][br]I am doing this tour as well, just booked the last spot![br][br]looking forward to it, definetly want to do the skydiving in Switzerland![br][br]see you there![br][br][br][br]


Hey mate[br][br]Good to hear another is doing it. Are you going at it alone? Are you on facebook or anything like that to get in contact prior to the trip?[br][br]Cheers[br]Simon[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


[br]Does the tour do skydiving in Switzerland?? I didn’t see it on the optional extras.[br][br]Rebekah[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Sept 3rd '09


yes it does! but it is a bit expensive, about $600 New Zealish


Haha New Zealish. There is either the option of the train up the mountain or skydiving or staying at the bottom I assume.[br][br]I shotgun one of the skydiving places! Will be slightly cheaper in Australish :stuck_out_tongue: I think it was about $570 AUD[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


hey[br]i’m goin on this tour!! so excited and nervous as i am goin by my self 2!! is n e one stayin @ the generator hostel b4 the tour departs??[br]bec!


hey pricey![br][br]I’m staying at the Hostel for 2 nights before the tour, in hopes that it will help with the jetlag…I’m going to tour a bit of London, check out the sites and what-have-you in those 2 days. [br][br]Do you have facebook? struth there are a lot of Aussies doing this tour![br][br][br][br]


ohh yah somone else is stain there! i havent heard a lot of good reviews about it, but just like u i will b touring around londons sites instead of hangin out @ the hostel! yeah i have facebook! i cant wait! its only a week till i leave aus! :slight_smile:


hay Rebecca![br]Glad to know ur doing the tour too![br]I, Simon and Kristof are on facebook :smiley: so u can add us.[br][br]Cheers Nat[br][br]hippywonder…Nat


Hey! Im doing half of this tour in Aug (Athens - London) so be sure to report back and let us know how it went![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Welcome aboard Bec![br][br]Good to hear there are more of us going alone :slight_smile: I am also staying at the Generator hostel for 2 nights before and after the tour and am on facebook so I will get in touch there :-)[br][br]Cheers[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


hey yeah i’m on facebook so n e one can add me! then i will know wat u all look like if i see u @ the hostel! lol


You don’t have your email attached to this forum so people won’t be able to find you on facebook as there are a number of people by your name from Australia :-)[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


hahaha whoops sorry! my addy is hahah yeah u wouldnt wanna add the wrong bec!