European Pioneer & Spain - May


Hey hey everyone,

I’ve booked the European Pioneer departing on 2 May 2013. Is there anyone out there having a crack at this one?

Also, I’m doing my own thing in Spain for the 3 weeks leading up to the tour. Any tips, hints or general info? Anyone going to be in the area? - A little specific I know…




Hi Brogan,
My friend Amy and I are planning on booking the Great Eastern that links up with the European Pioneer trip that leaves the 2nd of May. We will be meeting up with your tour on the 17th of May, can’t wait to go even though its a ways off!



Hey Chelsea,

Good to see someone on one of my tours. I keep reading posts about people on a tour a week after mine, but never actually on the same one. It’s already mid January so hopefully the rest of the time will fly between now and May. You travelled much before?


Yeah i feel the exact same way, it seems like everyone is going on other dates but i found another girl on this trip on the tour meet app.
I’ve traveled a decent amount for my age, ive been to Europe before but never to any of the places on this trip. How about yourself? Where are you traveling from? My friend and I are from Canada, we’re counting down the days!


Hi guys,
I’ve just joined the chat family! My name’s Skye and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I am also doing the tour with you all on the 2nd of May! I can’t wait! Not too long to go now and then we’ll all be there traveling together :slight_smile: