European Pioneer September 1st


Joining the Timeless Trail part of this trip departing London on the 1stof September and ending in Athens on the 21st
This is my first tour as a solo traveller so I’m quite anxious about the whole thing, but mostly I can’t wait! Just wanting to know if there is anyone else coming along, particularly any other solo travellers?


Hello my name is Jess I’m a solo traveller too looking forward to this trip I am travelling from Brisbane.


So exciting Jess! I’m definitely looking forward to it as well


Hey my trip starts in London on the 1st! i have never done anything like this before so scared :fearful: xx


Hey! I’m doing the whole tour departing from London on September 1st! I’m 20 from Sydney and will be traveling solo. Super anxious and excited! Not long to go now :fearful:


Wow so exciting everyone! Glad I’m not the only one going it solo haha
Will anyone be in London a couple of days beforehand?


Hi Girls… This is my first solo trip And I’m not the type to research too much just want to go with the flow… Any idea what the whether will be like?


So ur doing the whole tour from the 1st September to the 6th October??


It should be pretty warm, it’ll be the start of their Autum when we’re there. Should still be hot in Italy and Greece though I think :slight_smile:


Great thank you, I’m so excited n a little scared at the same time.


Haha don’t worry I’m nervous too! But I can’t wait, not long to go now!! Im staying at Wombats hostel the night before, so if anyone else is too it’d be good to try and meet up before we go? :slight_smile: