European Pioneer September 15 2016


Hey All!

Looking at booking this trip, first solo and overseas :grin: :smiley:

Anyone else looking at this one & coming from Perth, AUS?

  • Make that flight more bearable if you know someone haha


Hey, I’ve just booked it as a first solo, but I’m coming from Melbourne. I suppose the flights might cross over depending on what airline you’re going with? :slight_smile:


I’m looking into booking this one too!

Are you guys doing any traveling before hand. I have about a week & a half of empty days and my dad doesn’t want me traveling alone. Anyone up for extra adventure?


I’ve got four days in England post-tour?


Hey Tayla!, Ive booked Euro Pioneer 15th September, also going solo from perth
So nervous, this is my first solo trip!


Hey everyone!, I’m also arriving in London a week before the trip, so I would be up for the extra adventure anywhere


Hey Harley, I’m also considering into booking this one too! Where would you be staying in london? I want to get early too to get to know the place!



I’m booked on the Sep 15 Timeless Trail which I think makes up the first 21 days of the European Pioneer with two friends, and we’re also from Perth :blush: We’ll be landing in London September 11 though


Hey :slight_smile: I’m coming from Sydney and have 4 days post tour! Im staying at the generator hostel for 3 nights then wombats the night before the tour :slight_smile: