European Pioneer September 12th- October 18th: 2018


Hi all! I am doing the European Pioneer tour that departs on September the 12th and wondering who else is doing this tour. I am traveling solo, from Australia and I am spending 6 days at the end in London. Just after some advice on what to pack and some advice about the tour.
Thanks everyone :blush:


Hi Steph

I’m also doing this trip solo as well! I’m also from Australia as well, I live in Sydney.
I’m doing the opposite and spending time in London before the tour starts.

I’m looking forward to the tour but have no idea what to pack! Or what I’m going to do before it starts.

Grace :slight_smile:


Hi Grace,
I’m form Newcastle so not to far form you! I’m so excited for this tour it will be my second time overseas. Are you staying at the generator the night Before?

So happy to know that I’m not the only one on this tour


OMG! Are you serious?
That’s crazy, I grew up in Newcastle! I moved to Sydney almost 18 months ago for work.

This is my first big trip overseas, I’ve been to Fiji the last three years, thought it was time to change it up a bit.

I’m not sure where I’m going to stay yet. When are you flying over?


Yep sure are! I’m just at the end of the freeway in Thornton lol! Small world haha!

I fly over on the 9th of sept and spending a few days in Dubai first but I’ll be in London On the 11th. My travel agent found a place called the Bedford hotel which is a 10-15 min walk from the hostel that the trip departs from.

I went to New Zealand with topdeck last year so this is my first big trip overseas.


It is such a small world!!

Oh nice, I’m heading over on Sept 2nd, going to meet some family in Hull and then spend about 6 days in London. I’m still unsure where I’m going to stay yet, I might have a look at the Bedford.

I’ve been looking at their New Zealand trips but haven’t been able to get the time off work to do one. I did do one of the Aussie ones to Northern Territory, down through SA to Melbourne, it was such an easy cheap way to see the country.


Hey guys!!

My friend and I are doing this tour and we’re also from Newcastle!! How crazy!!

We’ll be spending time in London before hand also :blush::blush:


Wow small world! So exciting.


Hi Everyone,

I’m doing the tour departing September 12th. Travelling solo from New Zealand. Will be cool to get to know some of my fellow travelers before I leave :slight_smile:

Flying over on August 29th for a wedding, but will be staying in the hostel for a couple of nights prior to the tour starting.

Have a week in London following, spending a couple of nights in Brighton too.



Really recommend downloading the app, as it allows you to communicate with others on your trip :slight_smile:


Thanks Emma
I’ve had the app for a while just haven’t posted on it yet as I didn’t think anyone would have downloaded it as of yet!

I’m thinking of doing a day trip out to Brighton at the end of my tour