European Pioneer Sept. 8 - HTED


Saw a thread for people leaving on this trip for Sept. 15, but looks like i’m the only one booked for Sept. 8 so far? Anyone else going on this or one of the mini-trips involved? I’ve traveled around every country in eastern asia except for Myanmar, but this will be my first trip to europe and my first trip solo, so i’m very anxious about it!

Very surprised to see so few americans on this site considering the prices for all trips are posted in USD$ (or maybe it depends which country you view the site from?), but if i’m the only american on the trip that’s more than fine with me! ;D


Hey my name is Jen and am also on this trip!! i was thinking the exact same thing about being the only one. Also a solo traveler, but from Australia and its my first trip ever!! big and bold move! look forward to meeting new people :slight_smile:


hey jen! so happy to see someone else is on this trip too B-) just noticed they switched our trip’s status from ‘guaranteed departure’ to ‘limited availability’ so there are most likely a decent amount of people coming with us.

i was only able to find one other group traveling on one of the mini-trips with us on the one called Timeless Trail

what kind of luggage are you bringing? i thought a suitcase would be fine but in a lot of threads here people say it’s better to have your stuff in a backpack because of the many stairs we’ll be climbing :-/


hey yeh i was worried too!! im taking a backpack… i know i cant fit much in it but heres hoping i can condense it all down!!! im leaving tomorrow… so excited/ nervous!! i guess i will see you on the tour!!! lets hope its good weather :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Anton. Im glad to see someone started a thread. I’m from Canada and going solo too!


awesome well this makes 3 of us!! just a question… we dont need a sleeping bag do we??? see you soon! :slight_smile:


hey anton, very happy to see another adventurer along for the ride other than me and jen B-)

jen, did you arrive in the UK already?? how is it?! i’m leaving in two days and getting more anxious by the hour about it. i’m trying to gather all the proper items to pack, but if there’s one thing i’ve learned out of all my travels it’s that you will ALWAYS forget something :stuck_out_tongue: supposedly we don’t need a sleeping bag. only the greek flotilla sailing and russian trips require that…

one thing i’m worried about is the visa situation. i’ve triple-checked the visa laws for each and every country we’re going (for US citizens). they all basically say the schengen visa is unnecessary if you are staying less than 3 months in total, and you’ll be let on through as long as you have more than 6 months left valid on your passport and enough blank pages for stamping. maybe i’m just so used to the strictness of the asian countries that i can’t believe it’s so lax in europe. definitely don’t want to be THAT guy holding up everyone on the trip!

where are you guys staying before departure?