European Pioneer Sept 15 2016


Hey! I just booked the European Pioneer for Sept 15, travelling solo for the first time. Is anyone thinking of booking this trip?


Hey Kayla, my bf and I are thinking of booking this tour! Looks awesome as it’s our first time to Europe but just not sure about accom as we are a couple. We will mostly book it though lol excited!


That’s awesome! I think if you book you can tell them you need shared accommodations and then they set it all up for you. :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ve just booked in the European Pioneer for Sept 15 2016! So excited!


I know I can’t wait, thats amazing! Are you going solo or did you book with people?


I’m going solo too! A little nervous but it’ll be awesome


I know I’m so nervous, never traveled on my own before! It’ll definitely be an amazing trip, I’m doing the Celtic Tour two weeks before that too. Where are you from?


I’ve only ever travelled interstate alone, so getting to London will be nerve racking. I’m travelling from Australia, how about you?
I was going to do the Celtic Trail beforehand but I’ll have to do it next time. :smile:


Yup, I haven’t even been on a flight on my own haha. I’m travelling from Canada near Toronto, I’m going to do Belfast and a bit of Ireland before the Celtic Trail so hopefully by the time I get to London I’ll be good!


Oh wow! What an experience it will be for you, such a big international trip! You’ll have an amazing time and be all ready for the European pioneer when it comes around!


I know it’ll be almost 2 months, September just needs to hurry up! How long of a flight is it from Australia to London?


That’s amazing!
It’ll take me approx 24-30hrs depending on stopovers.
How about yourself?


That will be a long trip, but totally worth it! It’ll probably only take me about 7-8 hours from Toronto to Dublin.


That’s not too bad! Much better than mine! Haha. I’m hoping I won’t suffer too much jet lag!


I’m looking into booking this one too!

Are you guys doing any traveling before hand. I have about a week & a half of empty days and my dad doesn’t want me traveling alone. Anyone up for extra adventure? I see your going to do the Celtic trail one, have you booked that yet?


I didn’t end up booking the celtic trail, but I’m staying in London for 4 days before the trip starts to explore a bit if your interested.


I’ll let you know!! My mom is trying to come met up with me so I’ll get a better idea when I’ll be arriving in London soon :slight_smile: can’t wait!


Hey Iv booked this trip too :slight_smile: I’ll be in London from the 11th until our tour starts ! I’m going solo as well from Australia ! It’s my first big trip solo!


Hey I booked as well ! I’m from Syd Aus !


Hey everyone I’m considering into booking this trip! It would be my first solo too! Is anyone of you staying a couple days in london before the trip starts? If so where could I stay, any idea?