European Pioneer or Timeless Trail!


Hi Friends! I just booked the Timeless Trail tour of Europe- departing from London May 30th. I was hoping to meet a few other people in the time leading up to departure- let me know if that is you! :]
-Ariel Noelle


Hey! I’m looking at booking the same tour. Are you staying at clink78 prior to the tour?


Hey Ariel, I’m booked on the euro pioneer departing 30th of May. There’s a few others on the top deck meet app just incase you were wondering. 15 weeks to go! So excited


Hi Megan and Daniel, I am staying at the Clink- I will arrive May 28th and am going to explore London a bit before we depart! So excited- feel free to connect with me on facebook- my email is looking forward to our adventures!