European Pioneer Optionals


Does anyone have any information on what optionals are available for this tour?
I know there is normally a pdf of it on the trip page (I think with the predeparture info), but it’s not on there at the moment.
Also, what are the names of the hotels/hostels/etc. that are stayed at in this tour?


Hey! I am eagerly waiting for this info to go up too. I rang them and they said it goes up in March when its all finalised. Not too long now… :slight_smile:


Great! I can’t wait! I’m just wanting to know what the optionals are so I can actually figure out if I can afford to go on this tour or not :slight_smile:


This might not be all that helpful but i found the list i printed off last year for the optionals. I’m doing the Timeless Trail so thats only the first half of the European Pioneer. I’ve listed them below anyway:-

Paradis Latin cabaret show - 54euro
Fat tyre bike tour - 20euro
Seine river cruise - 8euro

Jungfrau excursion - 137 swiss francs (more than 10 ppl)
Jungfrau excursion - 156 swiss francs (less than 10 ppl)
Skydiving - 430 swiss francs

Flamenco show - 30euro

Gondola ride - 19euro
Commemorative t-shirt - 18-35euro

Guided tour of Vatican museums - 37euro

Hope this is of some help lol


hi im just wondering how to found out if any other dates for this tour will be going ahead?