European Pioneer May 5th 2016


Hi all!

I’ve just booked this trip and am an 18 year old from Adelaide going solo. Has anyone else looked into it? Seeing the money leave my bank account made me suddenly nervous


Hey! My boyfriend and I are booked in for this tour too :slight_smile: I’m 21 and he’s 26 and we’re from Wellington! Paying for it next month too so will be pretty real once all that money goes out haha. We’re getting into London on the 2nd to chill a few days beforehand


I’m planning to stay in London for a few days beforehand too! Very excited :smile:


Also looking at this trip! I think the money leaving my account will be the hardest past, I’m a solo traveler too atm from Christchurch


Is anybody staying in London after the tour???


I’m planning on staying for a couple of days!




Was so hard to watch the money disappear for the trip, we were so worried for a bit we wouldn’t have much money to take for activities and spending but the savings slowly add back up! We’re also staying in London after the tour, a week in South London just to try and recover haha :smiley:


Is anyone staying at the wombat hostel before hand??


I get in on the 3rd of May, and am hanging around until the 13th of June :slight_smile:


Same here!


Hey guys! :slight_smile: My Fiance and I are doing this trip together its our first kind of trip that is organised !! we are going to london a few weeks before hand and staying with a family member ,then going to paris and meeting you there at the hostel, we have done a 6 week trip to america together last year but it was all hotel stays and organised ourselves so we are a bit nervous about this one as it goes for so long and more of a hostel type holiday lol, we have only just found out that we will be separated for sleeping arrangements:( are there any other couples that are doing this tour and that we could maybe get to no each other and bunk together ?? can’t wait we leave in 6 weeks! :smiley:


My sister and I are flying in to London on the 2nd of May and staying at Wombats until our tour leaves :slight_smile: we are from Port Macquarie, Australia


Yay!!! Can’t wait :blush:


Hey I’m joining the trip in Barcelona on the 11th. Doing the Gaudi and Glitz tour which ends in Athens. Can’t wait to meet everyone.


Me too! Not long now :grin:


I’m going on this tour solo! Will also be staying at wombats the night before :smile: