European Pioneer May 3rd - June 9th


My names Tayla, I’m from Australia & I’ve just booked this tour…
Travelling solo & so excited!
Has anyone else booked this tour? :slight_smile:


My partner and I booked the Great Eastern, so we should be joining you in Athens on May 19!
So exciting, it is coming around so fast!


Hey! I’ve booked this trip also! I’m a kiwi currently living in London and will be solo. Only 40 days to go so excited


Hey! I’ve booked this tour as well, it looks unbelievable ~ can’t wait to join and meet you all! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
What does everyone think of the Mykonos accommodation?
I have been researching and the reviews are horrendous, even people on tours have left and booked their own accommodation for the duration.


Hey there, thanks for the heads up! Checked the place out on TripAdvisor and most of the reviews are appalling! Views of the island look breathtaking however. I’ll still stay there, will just have to put up with the hot rooms and overpriced sunloungers :slight_smile:


Hey! My partner Dan and I have booked the ‘Timeless Trail’ part of the trip, so we’ll be there from London - Mykonos :grinning: We were also feeling a little nervous about the Mykonos accommodation, the reviews look awful! Hopefully we’ll be spending more time on the beaches than in our accommodation rooms :grinning: