European Pioneer May 30th 2013


Hey people,

Who is going on this tour or one of the smaller ones with in it? (Includes Timeless Trail, Eastern Link, Eastern Explore, The Great Eastern, Gaudi Glitz, Alps & Matadors)

I’m doing the Eastern Link which joins up with the Pioneer in Athens on June 14


I am booked for The Great Eastern tour starting on 14th June in Athens and end in Prague. Looking forward to it. Have done Contiki a few times but first trip with Topdeck.


Hi! I am doing the Timeless Trail Trip that departs May 30th! Are you staying at the Clink beforehand?


I think the Clink is in London yeah? were not joining the tour until Athens, so prob not! haha


I am doing the timeless trail leaving May 9. I’m 22 and about to graduate college in Alabama in the US. Is anyone else doing doing this trip?