European Pioneer May 2012


Hi All

I am all booked in for 3 May 2012 and flying solo at this stage. Would be great to meet some people also doing this tour prior to departure. I’ve only ever been overseas once to Bali with a girlfriend so am a little nervous about going alone!

Very excited about the trip, I’ve been planning it for a year already (wanting to go for around seven years!) and was just hanging to book it all in! I will be staying on in London following the trip also to see where I end up. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting some fun new people on the trip!



Hi Milly,

How you going? I am also booked on the 3rd May trip doing the European Pioneer and I am also going solo as well. This is also my first big trip overseas and it would be great to meet other people prior to leaving.

How long is your entire trip booked for?

Anyway, hope to chat to you.



Hey Kylie

Great! I’m so excited for the trip. Wish it was sooner!

I’m going to be in London for the week before the trip and will hopefully stay on after the trip to work, and hopefully do some more smaller trips.

Do you have any plans for after the trip yourself?


Milly :slight_smile:


Hey Milly,

I know it’s so awesome isn’t it :). I think the next few months will absolutely fly by. I’m doing the same - I will be in London about a week and a half before the tour to familiarise myself with the UK.

Where else were you thinking of exploring afterwards? I was going to see if anything caught my eye, and then go from there. I’ve got about another five-six weeks after I finish the tour, so going to see what happens.

How long are you thinking of working there for?

Where are you from?



Hey Kylie and Milly,
So excited to see your posts,
My boyfriend and I are also booked in for the May 3 depart. We can hardly wait! We’ve also been
in the planning for around a year, it’s almost unbelievable that it’s actually happening!
Where are you both from?

Kelly and Matt :slight_smile:


Hey Kelly and Matt,

That’s awesome to see more people going on the 3rd May trip. I’m still a bit in disbelief that it’s actually happening :slight_smile: Will you be in London before the tour?

Where are you both from? I’m from Brissie, Australia.



Hey kylie!

Yea we will be in london for about a week before the trip to have a look around and catch up with some mates!

We’re staying at the clink78 the night before the tour though to make it easier for the 6am start!

We’re from Victoria :slight_smile:

Have you guys travelled much before ?



Hey Kel,

How you going? I haven’t travelled extensively but so looking forward to this opportunity to take time off work and go to Europe.

What about yourselves? Have you travelled a lot? How long are you both overseas for?



Hey All

Yay more people! Kylie I’m pretty much just going to see what i like on the tour as well. I’m hoping to work over there a little, so at this stage im booked to come back in september. But am open to anything really.

Hi Kelly and Matt! My boyfriend was going to come too but I don’t think he is now. Bit of a bummer but I’m sure i will still have heaps of fun and meet some great people!

I live in Melbourne but am from the country. Have only ever been to Bali so this is pretty exciting! That was a pretty short trip after major delays so looking forward to making the most of it this time. ;D

I haven’t worked out my accom for the week when i get there yet but will have to soon i guess. I think visa’s are the thing thats worrying me the most at the moment. I have no idea about them. So if you have any tips let me know. :slight_smile:



Well that’s exciting we’re all first time Europe travellers! How old are u guys? Matt n I will both be 24 by the time the tour rolls around
Where bouts in country Vic u live Milly? … We’re only having about 7 weeks away week in London before tour and week in Ireland afterwards!


I will be 29 on the trip, have been wanting to do it for so long but just haven’t been in the position to pay for it.

Off a farm near Shepparton, but live in bayside Melbourne now. Where are you guys from?

I keep seeing ads on tv for Europe, wish it would hurry up. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

That’s so exciting we are all off to Europe for the first time. I think my biggest thing was travelling solo and not meeting anyone so it’s great to chat to people before we go. I am definitely hoping too the next few months absolutely fly past.

I am 29, and I’ve only travelled to New Zealand before so can’t wait to start exploring all the fabulous places. There was a Europe Expo in Brissie last weekend and it was so exciting to see all these amazing places.

Milly - I’m thinking the same thing about the visas. I’ve done some research but trying to find the best place to start. Have you guys booked your flights yet? What type of ticket did you go for? I’m trying to decide :).

Chat soon,


I’ve done a little bit of traveling before but nothing this big, been to china twice plus cook islands and maylasia Matt and I both been to Fiji and Matt’s been to hawaii. I am dying for Europe tho I just can’t believe after all the saving a scrimping we are finally booked and going! … Milly, Matt and I leave on the mornington peninsula, so pretty close depending how far down bayside u r!
We’ve just brought return tix cause we’re only going for a set amount of time.
With visas have u guys looked at the government website? DFAT and department of immigration will give u most of the information u need I think. Otherwise if either of u have fathers or grandfathers for uk or surrounding ur entitled to a British passport then u don’t need to get visas!


Hey Kylie, I just had a look on UK in Australia website and all the details are on there for if you are visiting or working in UK. It’s all online now by the looks of it, apart from one part where you have to go have fingerprints and photo taken… :S That should be fun!

I’ve booked a return flight but made the return as late as I could from now. Stopping in KL for a week to visit a friend on the way over which will be great! and will break up the trip a little. Flying Malaysian, no idea what its going to be like but I’m sure I’ll be fine as I’ve only ever flown Garuda to Bali…haha…death wish!

I’ve been reading a guide book on Europe and most of the countries we shouldn’t need a visa because we aren’t staying more than 90 days i think it was. Will let you know if i find anything else for that but think we should be fine without one for Europe.

Sounds like you’ve had some good adventures Kelly. I know, I’m so sick of saving…haha…just have to stay focussed for a few more months and then we can spend it all! Thats scary!

I live just near Moorabbin so not far away at all! Love the peninsula, such a great place to live.

Wish i had a relative over there, makes things so much easier! We originated from Ireland, but that was way too long ago.

Milly ;D


I want to go to Europe also. Now, I’m working with my papers and documents to enter there. Hope that the process will be fast.



I’m pretty sure we don’t need visas at all for the tour. U guys will only need one if u plan on staying in uk and working … Milly yep very close to us haha! Have u guys thought bout how much spending money ull be taking on the tour? Just wanted to see what u guys were thinking!


Hey guys,

Not sure yet how much spending money I will be taking yet. Knowing me I will want to buy everything :slight_smile: but that will be just will be way too much to send back home. I’ll be away at this stage for three months so maybe enough to get me through that.

What about you all?



Hi guys,
I’m Mel and travelling on the may 3rd trip solo, staying at The Clink a for a few nights leading up to the tour to check out London. I’m so glad to see so many people already booked for this trip and a few other solo people to was getting worried I would be the only one :slight_smile:

I’m so excited for the trip and to meet all you guys :slight_smile:



Hey Mel,

How you doing? Nice to see another person going on this trip. Where are you from? Where else have you travelled on your own?



I live near Penrith which is about 45 minutes from Sydney :slight_smile:
I have travelled through Thailand,Fiji and New Caledonia with my boyfriend but this is my first trip alone. I’m nervous but mostly excited and I hope the time flies by I’m ready to go now!!