European Pioneer May 2 - June 7 2018


Hi, I was wondering who else is on this trip, I’m really excited!


Im going! super excited - where are you from?


I’m from Winnipeg Canada. Where are you from? I can’t wait? This my first time going to Europe? Have you been before?


Im from Vancouver BC! I’ve been to London and Paris before, I’m so excited to see more! It’s coming up so soon already, awesome another Canadian!


Haha I’m glad I’m not the only Canadian! I’m jealous that You’ve been to London and Paris! I’m spending 6 days in London before the trip though and a day after though! Are you traveling by yourself?


You’ll be there soon enough :sunglasses: & yeah im going solo! What about you?? Im in London for 2 days beforehand and then meeting a friend in Ireland after the tour!


I’m also going solo, I have travelled Japan solo before so not my first trip alone.


Hi guys! I’ll be on this trip too with 2 of my friends :slight_smile: super excited! We’re all from Melbourne, Australia


That’s awesome that you guys are going together! I can’t wait for the trip to start!


Hey everyone ill also be on this tour with my boyfriend Nicholas. We are from Sydney Australia. We are going to be staying at the generator hotel for 3 days before the tour starts. Someone should start a facebook group so we can all talk.


Hi! Nice to find another person! I can’t wait to meet you! I’m in London 6 days before the tour but only the night before at the Generator. We should all meet up for drinks or something the night before to get to know each other!


I started a facebook group and tried to send you guys requests to join. Hopefully they went through :slight_smile: I just couldn’t find Lisa?

#13 join the facebook group. It makes conversation easier


Hi guys! Me and my friends are doing this too and are from Sydney Australia too! We have 2 nights booked in the generator and would be great to all meet up for drinks before the tour starts!