European Pioneer June. Accomodation places


Hi my friends and I are going on the 36 day european pioneer tour in june this year and were wondering if anyone who has been on the tour before can give us a list of names of the hotels and hostels used throughout the tour? Id love to look them up before we go so we can check out the location and stuff :slight_smile: Cheers.



I’m doing the European Pioneer in June as well. Was just thinking of staying extra nights at the Clink78 hostel where we’ll be meeting before the tour.




I would be interested in that info too :slight_smile: What date are you guys leaving? I am on the 31st May departure, so technically travelling in June :stuck_out_tongue:


ooo yay tracey, i’ll be on the same tour as you!
we have started an email chain and facebook group for those we know going on the same tour
would be great to get to know another one before we go :slight_smile:


Awesome! Racychelll1 I sent you a PM. :slight_smile:


I’m on the tour the week after - leaving 7th June!

Have you guys found any good accommodation for beforehand or is Clink78 the best one so far?


I am staying at Clink78 just for convenience, both before & after the trip :slight_smile: