European Pioneer June 6- July 12 2018


Hi Guys!
Is anyone else doing this trip on these dates? I’m so excited! I am coming from Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey There,

My name is Bridie and I will be on the same trip : )


Yay! Where are you coming from? Will you also be doing solo travelling before/after the tour? :slight_smile:


Yay! I’m from Port Macquarie NSW. I will be staying with friends in Liverpool/Manchester the week before then will stay on solo at the hostel for four nights after our tour. What about you?


Hi there,

I’m Manda - I’m also going on this trip! I’m from Melbourne, Aus


That’s so good! I’ll be in London a few days before the tour and also have 10 days free after the tour as well (However I don’t know what I’ll be doing this time as my sail croatia tour fell through :disappointed_relieved: ) but im so excited !


Yay ! more Melburnians :smiley: Not long to go now ! Will you be in Europe before and after the tour as well?


Oh no a sail would have been lovely. Stay on at the Topdeck recommended hostel and explore London aswell.


I’ll be doing a tour of Ireland then a couple of days in London before the tour starts. Will be flying home from Amsterdam. Can’t wait!