Hi Everyone,

Im starting my European Pioneer trip on June 28th :slight_smile:
Just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there who is also going then??
Let me know ;D


Hey yea me and 3 mates are heading over on the June 28th one, good to know there’s at least 1 other person so far haha


Heyy i just saw this now! Sorry! Hooray its such a relief knowing that there are others out there doing this tour too haha
Me and two other friends are going too. Soo excited!
I created a link on the topdeck meet others page on facebook for this tour hoping to meet others but no one has replied lol.
Maybe you can so we can all prepare for the trip :slight_smile:


I booked the same trip for 5th July so just missed you guys! :frowning: Hope you have loads of fun!


I’m booked for this trip too :slight_smile:


Ive just booked for this one aswell! :slight_smile: Going solo. Ill try and find the facebook page