European Pioneer June 2012


HI I’m planning to do the European Pioneer EuroClub tour around early June 2012 (just waiting for confirmed dates to become available). Also thinking of adding the 10 Greek Island Hop after that too as I’m keen to explore the Greek Islands more and figure would be great to do with a bunch of people.

At this point I’m travelling alone and wondering if there’s anyone else out there planning something similar that I can start communicating with. After the tours, I’m keen to do some free travel to explore any other places possibly missed, or wish to go back and check some places out more in depth. I will also be going to Croatia for a month to explore more in depth to see where my family and heritage are from.

Another plan is to also investigate 2 weeks in the states and I’m planning a 2-3 tour of Africa some point.

Is ANYONE out there going to be doing anything similar around the same time? Especially the EuroClub European Pioneer tour early June, I would love to get in touch and start chatting to bounce ideas :slight_smile:



hey! yes I am planning on doing the same trip around march, def want to do croatia and then some free travel around europe. hoping I can find somone on the trip that I can travel around with.

shame your going in june.
happy travels.


Oh stink you’re going that early would have been great to have someone to make contact with for same trip. I have family all over Croatia so should be able to do that part on the cheap :slight_smile:


Hi both,

I am looking to do the European Pioneer in March / April 2012 and I will also be travelling solo and looking for someone to bounce ideas off. I’m hoping to find someone as well to travel around with.

Have you guys started the full planning yet?

It’s all very exciting :slight_smile:


Hey Toosh & Minerva I’m now looking strongly at the 31st may 2012 departure for euro pioneer!! It’s guaranteed departure according to the pre release booklet. Are you set on your dates?
Basically my plan is set just pricing up now.
Euro pioneer the. Top deck Greek island hop. Then croatia for 3 weeks. Then Africa for 22 days. Then new York 1 week then 1 week Hawaii then stop Sydney for 5 days before back home to Auckland. Total 4 months


Hi i’m looking to go on the European pioneer too but for dates 26 april 2012 to 31 may 2012.
I am travelling solo so thought i’d check out if anyone is going on the same tour with same dates?? :slight_smile:


Oh stink I’m doing 31st may departure. Deposit paid


Hi both,

I’m thinking of doing the 3rd or 31 st May tour as they are both guaranteed departure. Ninja82 your trip sounds awesome. How long have you spent planning? This is my first trip overseas solo, so I’m trying to get as much info as possible. I’m thinking about spending a week in London, getting myself familiarised with everything, and doing some short trips and then going on the European Pioneer, and then another two-three weeks just exploring around with a possibility of a stopover in New York on the way home.

Will either of you be in the UK round mid-April?



i have paid my deposit for the 31 may to 5 july trip
it’s my first trip overseas solo
i will be landing in london on 30 may and flying back home on 6 july, couldn’t manage to get any more time off!

anyway, may see you on the tour.



I’ll be arriving London 28th may to start tour 31st with you guys :slight_smile:
Then I’ll be going on the top deck Greek island hop for 10 days. Then Croatia 3 weeks then Africa then new York. Then Aussie then home. Total 4 months.
Minerva what else you planning?


Hey all,

Im looking at doing the pioneer in early- mid may 2011. Im travelling solo too, can’t wait but really nervous too so I’m hoping to come across someone on my particular tour who solo too.

I’m planning on doing a UK trip either before/ after depending on the tour time I do and work dates etc etc. I havent yet decided whether I’ll do that as a seperate tour or on my own as yet… decisions, decisions!

Just wondering if anyone else is as apprehensive about travelling alone as I am? It is my first time travelling alone because sadly its the worst time of year for everyone I know but I can’t wait any longer hehe!

Anyway, just wondering what people’s thoughts are?

Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Tashka,

What date are you thinking about? Im booked on the one departing on 17th May. I was going to be going solo but my boyfriend wants to come too now, I don’t want to be coupled up the whole time, i want to mingle and make friends! Don’t be nervous about going solo (i was as happy to go solo as i am to go with my bf and im a fairly shy person) its easier to make friends and you can do exactly what you want to do and not worry about anyone else, im sure there will be lots of other solo travellers on the tours. We have 4 days in London before the tour and a day after as i have to get back for work xx( I can’t wait! I want to be travelling now!


hi tashka i was a bit apprehensive as i’m in the same boat, my first time travelling alone but i simply couldn’t wait any longer!
i have booked flights and the tour for 31 may-5 july, would be good to have a travel buddy as well, i’ll be flying from sydney too so you won’t be a loner!


Yeah Tashka I’m doing same as rachel. Join us :slight_smile:


hey ninja i read you are arriving 28 may in london, i’ll now be arriving 29 may as i got an earlier flight.

will cya there

can’t wait!!


Sounds good rachell1. I’m staying to friends but we will tee up and make plans as time gets closer. Eh man trying to sort my Africa portion but it’s difficult as going alone at this point and trying to ensure all of it is pre planned tour stuff


good luck with it all! we’ll chat closer to the date :slight_smile:


Will do. Did you get my email?


HI Tashka and Hailey,

I also booked the 17th May European pioneer and traveling solo…its not my first time traveling alone but its my first time in Europe and without any family so I am bit a nervous…

I also plan to move to London after my trip and get a job from the 2 year working visa…I thought since I am all the way over there I May aswell start a new life…during the wknds and after the trip I want to travel further around Europe…

Arghhh so nervous aswell!!!


Hey Disney,
How exciting! First one I have found thats on my trip! I started a group on FB in the meet others section on the topdeck page. Its our first time in Europe too, can’'t wait