European pioneer july 9th


Hi [br] Im going to be on the european pioneer tour July 9th.[br] Is there anyone else going on the tour?[br] Is there anyone who has been on the tour that has any advice?[br] I live in Queensland Australia[br] Thanks Ann-Maree [br]


Hi Ann-Maree! I’m going on the Olympic Link leaving on July 24th and I’m pretty sure that our tours merge in Athens?! I’m from the US, and coming alone! :slight_smile:


Hi Bostongirl[br]Thankyou for your reply i have heard that tours meet up with others in different places.this is all new to me we may meet up i am so looking forward to going.i will be staying in london for two weeks before the tour if anyone would like to meet up.[br]thaks Ann-Maree


Hey Ann-Maree[br][br]I finished this tour about 3 weeks ago and it was the time of my life! It is the best trip and covers so many different places in the world and you get to see history in the making! You will have an absolute ball! The only advice I can give is do every single optional extra as they are all amazing and bring lots of memory for your camera! [br][br]I went totally alone and 95% of the tour were in the same boat so we all got along brilliantly from day 1! Everyone on my tour had the time of their lives, just smile, say hello and let the amazing times roll![br][br]Have an awesome trip![br][br]Cheers[br]Simon[br][br]P.S. QUEENSLANDER! I am a Brissy boy by the way :-P[br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09[br]Red Star Special[br]June 14th '09


thanks simon just read your reply alittle i know but have been in uk for 2weeks getting over jet lag and home sick 2days to go for the adventure.


Hey simon just wondering - u finished this tour already, was the Athens walking tour included? (Did the people that joined in Athens for the Olympic link/great eastern get to do the walking tour??)[br][br]thanks heaps![br]lucy[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18