European Pioneer July 7th onwards- Anyone flying from Sydney?!



My name is Angela, 23 y.o female travelling alone. I’m wondering if anyone is doing the European Pioneer solo on the 7th of July or even thinking about it. I’m from Sydney and I would really like to have a travel buddy to depart from here. Or if you are thinking of a later date for this trip, let me know! :relaxed:


Hi Angela,
I’m 23 yo and I will also be travelling solo on the European Pioneer, commencing 7th July. I’m leaving from Perth, so can’t help you there. Looking forward to meeting you !



Hey Jasmine! How exciting!!!
Is this your first time travelling alone? I’m super shy usually so it will be a big step out of my comfort zone doing this! Are you staying a few days in London beforehand or arriving the day before?



It’s so exciting!!! You sound just like me! Yes, it’s my first trip overseas by myself. How about you?
I arrive the day before the tour starts…would have loved more time in London :smirk:. Do you have some time to explore London prior to the tour starting? :slightly_smiling_face: