European Pioneer July 7th 2016


Hey everyone!
I’ve just paid my European Pioneer for July 7th and was wondering if anyone else was booked in that trip?
My partner and I are going and we’re leaving from Wellington NZ :smile:

European Pioneer July 7 2016

We haaavvvvvveeee :slight_smile:


Who is going on the European Pioneer from 7 July- 14 August 2016??? :slight_smile:



My name is Angela, im 23 from sydney flying out alone to do this trip! SO SCARED! as its my first time ever travelling alone.

Is there a facebook group or anything that we can create for this tour? i’m so excited, are you ladies getting there the day before?!


I haven’t actually seen many other people doing this tour so I don’t think there’s a fb page! We arrive on the 5th in London and we’re just staying at the wombats! What about you?

It’ll be my first big trip overseas too! Can’t wait only like 2 weeks to go!