European Pioneer July 31 2016


Hi there, me and my sister have booked this contiki departing London July 31st 2016. Was wondering if anyone else is booked on this trip? We’ll be hanging out in London a few days beforehand.


I’m thinking about doing this trip perhaps! I’m a solo traveller :smile:


I booked this trip and i’ll be in London for 5 days before the trip starts!


Hey Charlotte
Have you booked this trip or still thinking about it?


Hey tash
We arrive in London 26th July from NZ.
Where are you coming from? I was thinking of making a Facebook page so it’s easier to contact people/chat to people about the trip and maybe catch up beforehand :slight_smile: we are so excited about this trip! Never been to Europe before


Link to facebook page for anyone going on this trip. It will be awesome to get to know some of you