European Pioneer - July 28th 2011


Hey there,

I’m headed off on the European Pioneer on July 28th 2011.
Just wondering if anyone else has booked for this tour yet? I’m very excited! wooo!!!

xx Steph


Hi steph,
I have just booked the same tour departing same time!
im from australia and am very much looking forward to exploring europe and meeting everyone from across the world!


Hi Kerryn,
I’m from Australia too, but been living in England for a while.
If you’d like to add me on facebook that would be cool, just let me know :slight_smile:




My tour also starts on the 28th of July but its called European Venturer. I will be staying at Hostel Clink for 4 days before the tour.



Oh cool how long does your European Venturer tour take? I haven’t decided if I’m staying at the Clink before the tour yet…
where are you from?? :slight_smile:



Hey again,
I read somewhere that we no longer need to take sleeping-bags on the European Pioneer trip, is this what everyone else heard? I’m pretty sure it will be boiling hot in Europe during Summer too so that’s always good. It’s slowly getting closer, I’m pretty excited!!!