European Pioneer July 26th


Hi, anyone doing the European Pioneer July 26th??I’m doing it solo!!!


Hi Natalie - I’m on this tour and doing it solo too! There hasn’t been much discussion from those on this departure on either this forum or Facebook, but there must be more of us out there :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie and Vath!
I will also be going solo on this trip too! so glad to hear I’m not the only one!!!


oh yay FINALLY other people doing this trip!I was starting to get abit worried that I couldn’t find anyone!


I’ll be there too. Starting to get very excited!


when is everyone arriving in London?


I’ll be there late on 23rd July.


I arrive 6am on the 24th! where will you guys stay beforehand? Clink78?


Yeah I’m staying at Clink too :slight_smile: Are you the Millie that’s posted in the Top Deck Meet app?


Hey Kim! yes that is probably me who posted in the meet app! feel free to add me on FB!


Oh cool. Will do :slight_smile: I’m so glad there’s other people travelling alone too! Was starting to get nervous! haha


Hi everyone! I’ll be in London from about 6am on the 23rd - an ungodly time to get anywhere! I’m staying at the Clink the night before but looking for somewhere else a bit nicer for the other two nights.

What’s everyone looking forward to most?


I’ll be arriving at Clink late sometime on the 24th!!


Hey guys! I’m also travelling solo and looking forward to meeting some new people on this trip. I will be arriving in London on the 22nd


Hi Deebie! Are you staying at Clink before the tour as well? Looking forward to meeting everyone in person!