European Pioneer July 24th 2016


Hi, my name is Brendan and I’m travelling solo from Australia; I’m super keen to start this tour! Just wondering if anyone else is heading off at the same time?


Hey, myself and my Uni housemate are on this trip on 24th July! Very excited for this amazing trip! Amazing you are from Australia, would love to visit there. We are both from the UK so not far to travel!!


Hey Hannah, yeah that’s not too far to travel; this is my first time out of Australia, so I can’t wait start this tour to see what it is like in Europe and to make a bunch of new friends!


Hi my name is Reanna and im a solo traveller from Aus on this trip :slight_smile: first time to Europe, this tour looks awesome and really keen to just get there already!!


Hey everyone - I’m Bailey, 25 and traveling solo from New Zealand :smile: I’m doing the Eastern Exposure tour, so joining on this tour from Dubrovnik on 15th Aug, can’t wait to explore and meet some new faces!


Hey everyone, I’m Dylan and I’m also a solo traveller from Australia! First time to Europe so I am beyond excited and cant wait to meet everyone!


Hi, great to see some more solo travellers. Just over a month to go!


Hi! I’m Naomi, also from Australia and travelling solo and I think I’ll be joining you guys in Athens on the 8th of August?? Well I hope so if I worked the dates out right, I’m doing the Eastern Link. If not Hello, nice to meet you otherwise :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! my name is Jess and I am also traveling solo from Australia! Great to know that I am not the only one! I am looking forward to the trip it sounds amazing and can’t wait to meet you all! Is anyone arriving early to London to stay in the wombat city backpackers hostel?


Hi Jess, I will be arriving at the wombats hostel on the 21st of July in the morning and I know of one other person from our tour arriving on the 22nd. Should be a few people from the tour hanging around early :blush:


Hi Dylan,

Awesome I will be arriving on the 22nd to the hostel I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! Just under 4 weeks to go now!


Hey Jess, I’ll also be arriving on the 22nd. Keen to do some touristy things around London before heading off. Cant wait to meet everyone :beers::tada:


Hey everyone, I will also be arriving on the 22nd, definitely keen to do some touristly things in London before the tour. Just two weeks to go!


Hi Reanna and Brendan I am keen to do some touristy activities around London as well. Not long to go now can’t wait!!


Kind of late message but I’m Junior and I’m from Brazil! I’ll be joining you guys in Athens on August 8th. Looking forward to meet you soon and have great times in Europe! =)


Hi Brendan, How was your trip!? Thinking of booking it for May/June 2017 as a solo traveller.