European Pioneer July 1st - 6th of August 2018


Hi Guys

I paid a deposit for the European Pioneer for July 2018. Is anyone else looking at this trip/has booked this trip/or been on the trip before.

I’ll be going solo and it’ll be my first time travelling solo and travelling to Europe.

When are you all flying out and arriving?

I’ll be flying from Sydney Australia possibly arriving the day before the trip and unsure if I’ll spend a couple of days after the trip in London before flying back home. Or vice versa.

Are you all staying at Wombats the night before?

Thanks in advance

UPDATE - my brother has booked on the same trip as me. We’re thinking of flying in a couple of days before and exploring London before the trip begins.

UPDATE - my friend is also coming along for the trip too!

If anyone else is doing the same, let us know and we can arranage to meet up before hand and see the sights of London together :v:t2:

Get keen topdeckers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi Helena :))

This is my first time travelling to Europe & I’m heading there by myself from Perth!


Hi Claire,

Nice to hear you’re going to Europe as well! I’ve actually convinced my brother and a friend to come along now as well which will be nice. Are you doing this same trip?



I am also booked on this tour with two friends leaving from Sydney! We are staying after the tour to explore London.
So exciting!