European Pioneer (HTED)


Hi everyone!

I’ve booked to do this tour with depature on August 15th this year, we are then staying in London a few nights afterwards then finishing up in Munch for Oktoberfest.

Has anyone else booked the European Pioneer for August 15th departure? Would be great to get to know some of you before we head over!

When i say ‘we’ i’m heading over with a friend of mine named Emma, we’re both 22 and from the Blue Mountains. This is both our first time going over to Europe so we’re pretty excited! Even more exciting is i will be celebrating my 23rd birthday over there! Haven’t exactly calculated where though, but its definitely on tour!

We’ll be joining the tour in Paris instead of London, as we are staying in Paris a few extra days before the tour starts :slight_smile:

I know its early, we booked way in advance haha! But we are looking forward to meeting everyone!



Hey Mandy!

My BF and I are also doing this trip but we are doing the one starting the 01/08! Bummer you on the later one! Would have been cool to speak to someone else doing the same trip date! I will be 22 also! and we are also doing Oktoberfest after the trip (good minds, good taste)… following croatia sailing! Super physced and cant wait! Poineer sounds like a wicked trip! Have an amazing time! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I am going on this tour but leaving on the 4th of July. I have done the same you Mandy and am flying into Paris to have some time to look around ourselves :slight_smile: then followed by a week in London after the trip. Unfortunately we won’t run into you guys but I hope you have the trip of a lifetime!



Hi Mandy,

Myself and two other friends (Bec and Bek) are going to be with you on this tour! We’re all 23 from Perth :slight_smile:
We’ll be joining in London, planning on doing the UK beforehand and then Oktoberfest and a bit more travelling around afterwards (Spain, Italy, France). Who are you doing Oktoberfest with (tour group) and when?

Super excited! :smiley: Its our first time too and it can’t come soon enough!

Flic :slight_smile:


Hi everyone

I’m booked on for the Pioneer on the 15th of August. I’m in Perth and traveling on my own. Hoping to see a bit of the UK before the tour and possibly Oktoberfest afterwards but haven’t got any firm plans as yet. Any other Perth people want to meet up beforehand it would be good to have some familiar faces on the bus.