European Pioneer (HTED)


Hi guys,

I’m looking to travel with my boyfriend on the 4th july 2013 european poineer… Just wondering if there’s any other couples booked/thinking of booking? From what I hear you can only get a room with your partner if another couple agrees to share with you!

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: maddy


Hey Maddy!!

My boyfriend and I just booked this trip the other week! We are on the 18th departure :slight_smile:


Hi Maddy,

My boyfriend and I have booked the 7th of July :slight_smile:
If you decide on that one we would love to share!



Hey Maddy and Co!! :slight_smile: My Boyfriend and I have just booked in this tour but on 01 august!! Which is a guranteed departure! Aparantly there is quite a few booked on it already too. we have a link on this forum also so flick us a message if any of you end up booking 1st Aug Pioneer!

Bring on Europe summer 2013!! :slight_smile: B-) :slight_smile: