European Pioneer Experiences!


Hi everyone! My friend and I are looking to join one of the European Pioneer trips next year and were looking for some feedback!

Would love to hear how you found the accommodation and the pace of the trip!

Any tips, tricks or ideas for the free days would also be great!

Thank, Emma. :slight_smile:


Hi Emma ,

I couldn’t recommend the European pioneer any more! I was on it this year and recently returned and it was the best thing I did. The whole trip is amazing! You meet amazing people and it has a few smaller sectors all the way through so you just meet so many people the whole trip! Definitely something you won’t regret!

The pace is fast and can be draining at times but that pretty normal for travelling and seeing so many places. Some stops are smaller so you do get the option to rest as well. There are a few hotels along the way as well so you get nice accomodation. Most hostels are great but there was the odd one that you stopped at and wasn’t as nice. But I would highly recommend!
You will have the time of your life! There so many experiences to have and amazing scenery to see!