European Pioneer Experiences!


Hi everyone! My friend and I are looking to join one of the European Pioneer trips next year and were looking for some feedback!

Would love to hear how you found the accommodation and the pace of the trip!

Any tips, tricks or ideas for the free days would also be great!

Thank, Emma. :slight_smile:


Hi Emma ,

I couldn’t recommend the European pioneer any more! I was on it this year and recently returned and it was the best thing I did. The whole trip is amazing! You meet amazing people and it has a few smaller sectors all the way through so you just meet so many people the whole trip! Definitely something you won’t regret!

The pace is fast and can be draining at times but that pretty normal for travelling and seeing so many places. Some stops are smaller so you do get the option to rest as well. There are a few hotels along the way as well so you get nice accomodation. Most hostels are great but there was the odd one that you stopped at and wasn’t as nice. But I would highly recommend!
You will have the time of your life! There so many experiences to have and amazing scenery to see!



Hi Emma, ​​my name is Max and I’m going to go to Europe soon, namely to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. I have not been there yet, but many friends advised me to visit this city. In general, I booked a room in one of the hotels, by description of the excellent location, great choice, good Ukrainian cuisine, beautiful architecture and friendly staff. I also read reviews, most of them are good. Here is the site where i booked the room, you also can check it :slight_smile: Hotels in Ukraine - online booking


Hey Emma,

I work for Student Flights and have done four topdecks myself as well so if you needed a hand with anything or have any questions please feel free to send me an email at :slight_smile:
We have extra discount on the trips as well at the moment so its a really good time to book, and I’ve honestly met so many people through doing Topdecks! :blush:


Hi Emma

I completed this trip this year and it was fantastic! I don’t think you will be disappointed at picking it at all. You think 37 days is a long time but it will fly by too quickly and you will be wanting another week. It can feel long and tiring but it is so worth it. 15 odd countries in 37 days is a huge feat.

You’ll have the main Pioneer group and there will be other smaller tours joined on from start to finish, so plenty of people to meet and get to know.

I found most of the places were pleasant to stay at. We did have hot weather the entire time and some places didn’t have air con or it didn’t work so we did struggle a bit. Most of those places you were only there for a night so it didn’t matter too much. Some of the hostels were newly renovated and really funky with rooftop bars, games rooms, communal areas and pools. There are hotels in the middle sector which felt like you were staying in luxury. I didn’t like the accommodation in Mykonos too much as they were pre fab tents, there were parties you could hear all along the coast line and fireworks that went off at odd hours of the night but they say you stay up all night in Mykonos and sleep all day but just keep that in mind.

Our trip leader was always very helpful and proactive when it came to our free days and always put suggestions up on things to see and do. She always asked when we were interested in doing and would go above and beyond to get the info and maps to us so we knew what to do. My recommendation is to do a bit of online searching on trip adviser on the certain places you are travelling to and see what there is to offer. Some of the optionals happen on part of your free day so it’s usually finding something to fill in before of after. We’d usually go for lunch, maybe go shopping or have a lazy day especially if we weren’t feeling the greatest. Sometimes just getting lost and exploring the towns is a good way to fill in your free days but I found with the pace and optionals we didn’t really have a lot of time to fill in.

But no matter what, you’ll have a fantastic time and I don’t think you’ll regret booking this trip at all.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have too!

Helena :slight_smile: