European Pioneer Dept 19/08/10


Hey All,

Anyone doing the European Pioneer dept 19/8/10 ???

I know its months away but I’m really excited to go on my first Top Deck Tour!!

We want to track down the some people on tour as us to get ideas on what we should take!!!


Hello Jimie

Im also going on this tour … Im so excited !!! Its my first tour as well !!! I have no idea what to pack ??? Im wondering how cold its going to be and wondering what kind of sleeping bag i will need. Not long to go now B-)


Hello Timmayy,

I hear its going to be very cold but having a beer or two will get you warm!


I agree Jimmay not long to go now … I have been saving up … i think you should stuff going back to work and come to octoberfest with me … That is all



Hey guys!!!
I am also doing this tour! I am soooooooo excited! yet a little bit nervous as this will be my first big trip solo :frowning: Im actually on this trip then going to oktoberfest and a few other places after. So i will finish my tour in Amsterdam.

Is anyone doing anything similar?


Hi Jimmayyyy,

If I could not go back to work I would come to octoberfest with you … I am sooooooo jealous your going , I wonder if our star player will be up to playing indoor while where away … I reckon she can handle the team on her own haha …

Hey inorbit,

There is our first big oversea trip as well, there is four of us going (all girls) … I’m only doing a the tour + a week in London before it But as you can read above my mate is doing octoberfest …

Again jealous that your going on octoberfest!!!

Where about is Aus you from??


hey :slight_smile: Im from brissie… fly out on the 14/8 and am hoping to find someone else who is on the tour on the same flight lol! Im just super excited and my family/ friends aren’t really into travelling.

I would love to catch up for a drink… im staying at clink from 15 - 19/8 so once you get in send me an email or something and we can organise. (or we could before!)

Timmay, when do you get into London? I really really want to go to wales to meet up with a mate of mine. I have seen facebook groups formed for members who are on other trips, maybe we should do the same.

I have SO many questions… like simple stuff… whether or not to take a suitcase or a backpack etc. I think re: sleeping bags I’m just going to buy one over there, i have a baby blanket i brought for the bus/plane trips which should be suffice to get me started.


Where staying at clink the night before but in London a week before tour starts so can defÂ’ catch up for a drink or something …

Timmay gets into London on the 18th sheÂ’s also known as Kayleigh lol … (Where friends mates that h have a inside joke calling each other timmayy * Jimmay just fyi )

I totally agree with a fb group that way we can all stay in contact etc

Where taking backpacks … easy to carry around then pull a suitcase everywhere!!

Anyways I sent you an email … Hope to hear from you there …


Hi Inorbit

Im flying from sydney and get there the night before … I will be going to the octoberfest the 31st and staying till the second so youll be stuck with me for even longer … Dont worry about going solo ! Jimmy and I will be your drinking Buddies !!! I cant wait , I bought a backpack cos i like the idea of it and i thought green was a nice colour. I have no idea about backpacking or trips like this , i have been to europe before but stayed with family … Im looking forward to getting lost in europe :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I will be on the European Pioneer departing 19th August too. I will also be traveling solo but looking forward to making some great friends along the way! I’m flying out from Sydney on the 16th and staying at the Clink for two nights before the trip commences.



Hey there,

I am flying from Melbourne on the 17th of Aug!! I am traveling solo and am staying at the clink the day before so i arrive a day before the tour!! Would love to catch up with anyone who is also going on this tour!! Also am staying back at the clink hostel in London 3 days after before i heard to Rome :slight_smile: