European Pioneer - Departing 23 June 2011


Hi everyone!

A friend and I are all booked to go on the European Pioneer, departing London on 23 June 2011. Has anyone else booked on this tour? Would be great to touch base with a few of you before we head off on the adventure of a lifetime! Soooo excited…bring on June ;D

Hope to hear from you!



Hi I’m booked for the European Pioneer leaving june 23. Travelling alone and really looking forward to it B-)


Great! My friend Liz and I will be on the tour together. Can’t wait! Will see you there ;D


Nice to meet you BrizyBree, sort of. Have you been to europe before? Are you travelling a little longer after the tour? im staying in London for an extra 10 days after tour, how about you?


This will be our first time in Europe. How about you? We arrive in London a couple of days before the tour and are thinking about staying in The Click, just to be easier for when we depart. We also have around three days there after the tour before we head to Dubai. It’s going to be here soon, this year is already flying by! Bit nervous but very excited :slight_smile:


hey a bit late to join the post but I’m also going on this tour alone :slight_smile: Staying in London few a few days after the tour then on to New York. Last time in Europe was a few years ago but really looking forward to it :slight_smile: Anyone been on a topdeck tour before??


Hey there yeah its my first time over seas at all, I have a few friends over there so i will be staying with them after and the clink the night before as well, never been on any kind of tour not even around Australia. Im excited too but the organisation is stressing me out a bit, did any of you opt to recieve the topdeck “free sim?”


Hi guys, I’m not doing the full European Pioneer, but me and my flatmate Jo will be joining you on day 16 in Greece for the Great Eastern. It’ll be nice to meet all of you! Will be finishing our part of the tour in Prague then Jo’s working in the UK and I’m doing 4 months in Western Europe and a couple of weeks in the US. It’s starting to get really close!!

Re the free sim, doesn’t everyone get that? Or do you have to apply? Maybe I’ll have to read my booklet again…


Hello again, Yeah I’m at the clink the night before and after then staying about a week in London elsewhere :slight_smile: I haven.t gotten the free sim and havent’ really considered it…i’ll ask my travel agent about it though and check if it’s good value etc. (and alison you have to apply for it…it’s on the back pages of the topdeck thing or maybe try looking online??) What part of the tour is everyone most looking forward to??


Re. Free Sim: you need to apply for it on line but there is a catch you need to pay $20 for credit on top of the free $10 you already get with the “free sim” not sure i want to put card details on the net. I am looking forward to the swiss Alps, mykonos, dubrovnik and prague but im sure it will all be awsome! looking forward to meeting you all.


I’m going with two of my friends… Looks like we’ll be the only Americans there at this rate haha


Not the only Americans! We are from Cali and will be going on this trip. Myself, Jenny and a friend Marylyn!


also on this trip
from sydney.
trip is nearly sold out so will be alot of people.
when is everyone getting to london
i will be there 4 days b4 and a couple after(clink) .
travelling solo, so will be cool to meet others b4 hand.
nearly there!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Hamso i’m from Melbourne also travelling solo, arriving 3 days prior to trip, staying 10 after, I’d be happy to meet up prior. I also know people that are living over there, will be staying with them after not 100% sure of plans prior but will probably check out the clinks location before doing anything else but will definately be staying at the clink on the night of the 22nd. so looking forward to the trip! looking forward to meeting everyone!


I made a group on facebook if anyone is interested in getting in contact. Its called " European Pioneer - 23 June 2011" :slight_smile:


good idea with the fb group :slight_smile:


I’m doing the timeless trail tour which is the first 21 days of your tour :slight_smile:
Im traveling solo and am from Sydney!
Can’t wait to meet you all


Hello European Pioneers,

I’m joining you in Paris in the afternoon when you arrive, coming from Prague, really looking forward to meeting you all!
I requested to join the facebook group, I was looking at different tours the last few months and only booked this one the other week! Bring on EUROPE!!
I’m staying in the Clink the night we get back to London, anyone else staying there too?